Tanduay discloses ambitions for international growth

The Philippine rum company Tanduay announced ambitions for further global expansion after doubling its export business in the previous year.

Tanduay is one of the best-selling alcoholic beverages in the world and was the most popular rum globally in 2020.

The rum manufacturer concentrated on entering new markets in 2021. The company signed agreements with the Hensley Beverage Company in Arizona, the Horizon Beverage Group in Massachusetts, and the Romano Beverage in Illinois in the US. Additionally, it secured distribution agreements with Alcobrands for Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and Kreyenhop & Kluge for Germany.

The brand plans to continue its expansion this year by securing distribution in Canada, the UK and Costa Rica.

With a capacity of more than 120,000 barrels and a total of 24 million gauge liters, Tanduay owns and runs the largest distillery in the Philippines, enabling it to “meet the demand of different markets worldwide.”

Tanduay Distillers, Inc. is the oldest among the Lucio Tan Group’s subsidiaries and carries with it the distinction of being one of the biggest brands in the distilled spirits category with a 99% share in the Philippine rum category.

Tanduay is a national icon. And as the Spirits Drink of Filipinos, it represents the nation’s true characteristics. These include the spirit of honor and tradition; the spirit of bravery, resiliency, and dedication; and the core trait of respect for elders and family values. These characteristics have made Tanduay what it stands for today.