Asia alcoholic beverage market – Beer

Asia’s alcoholic beverages market is the fastest growing market, representing over 30% of total global alcohol sales in 2014 worth $354billion where overall growth rates are 176.42% (2000-2019).

China and India are leading the growth with rates of 382.34% and 1,244.83%.

China is the world’s biggest beer market by volume. This is not just in beer, in spirits “India and China are forecast to be the largest-growing spirits markets between 2013 and 2019, together accounting for a rise of 120.5m cases in yearly spirits consumption.

Asian consumption presumably will grow by 22.84% reaching 355.89 million 9- litre cases.

In comparison, European consumption is expected to fall by 0.14%, while in the Americas consumption should grow by 9.05% in the same period.

The increase of the disposable income for the middle class and “adoption” of Western  culture in China and India has been noticed also in the beer consumption due to it’s big demand for premium beer.

The growing number of female drinkers also accelerated the consumption of light beer and now major international players will for sure look at launching low calorie and low alcohol content beers in order to reach this particular market.

 China represented the highest revenue generating region while India was the most profitable market in terms of growth.