AQUA Carpatica and PepsiCo announce strategic partnership

AQUA Carpatica and PepsiCo announces the conclusion of a strategic partnership, and thus the premium mineral water brand AQUA Carpatica completes the portfolio of PepsiCo products destined for the European markets, with prospects of global expansion.

Founded in 2010 by Swiss-Greek businessman and entrepreneur Jean Valvis, the Aqua Carpatica product line includes still spring water and naturally sparkling mineral waters bottled at the source of Romanian’s Carpathian Mountains.

Aqua Carpatica’s premium sparkling mineral water is nitrate- and sodium-free, and provides natural electrolytes.

Under the new agreement – the value of which has not been disclosed – PepsiCo will gain the rights to distribute the spring water in Romanian and in Poland.

AQUA Carpatica is a brand as unique as the place of origin of its springs. I am delighted with the opportunity to become a PepsiCo partner to expand our presence in Europe and to bring AQUA Carpatica and its health benefits to consumers in new markets. In less than a decade, AQUA Carpatica has turned into a beloved brand (love brand).

Jean Valvis says, founder of AQUA Carpatica;

“Through the strong partnership we have concluded, the materialization of our bold vision to position Romania as the “Homeland of Mineral Waters” at international level is now becoming a tangible objective. I thank PepsiCo for the trust given to AQUA Carpatica’s management to carry forward together this specific advantage of the country.”

AQUA Carpatica won different awards from International Competitions and this 2022, AQUA Carpatica joined Asia Awards Competition and won TWO Gold Medal Awards.

AQUA Carpatica Natural Still Mineral Water

AQUA Carpatica Natural Sparkling Mineral Water