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Mazzetti d’Altavilla – Amazing distillers from Italy!

Do you know what is as precious as gold, but you can drink it?

Discover below what we are talking about!



mazzetti_thehistoryThe Mazzetti family began its business of distilling in the heart of the Monferrato fifteen years before Italy was unified and more than 50 years before the creation of the first Fiat car.

In the same region, Piedmont, from which these two important events took place, Filippo Mazzetti (1816-1855) in 1846 founded in Montemagno his first distillery for the production of Grappa.

In those days the skins, the raw material for the production of Grappa, were primarily considered a material deficit in the process production of wine by many winemakers, they often were not kept and selected the best, as now happens to be distilled to perfection.
They say that Filippo, and after him his son Luigi, often used to regret that he wasted of this noble material which instead could be ennobled, making it a valuable and unique distillate: Grappa.

The grape varieties of these individuals, artfully distilled in copper stills with discontinuous method in steam, and the passion of the family are the only ingredients of Grappa Mazzetti d’Altavilla, who, from the traditional to the most refined and aged are, like those produced by Filippo, representative of all the scents, the biodiversity and traditions of our land: Monferrato and the Piedmont.




In the specific case of Mazzetti d’Altavilla, they employ a plant in vacuum in which the air is removed from the system to lower the temperature of distillation in order to obtain grappa of great refinement.

Through the loading auger and conveyor belts, the pomace is conveyed in the stills of the racks that are stacked, the lid is closed, sending steam is heated slowly in order to convey the alcohol towards the distillation column.mazzetti_history


At this point the grappa passes through a mechanical meter, sealed, as indeed the entire system, by the technicians of the Agents of Customs and picks through a sample or assayer can take a small quantity of product which allows a first sensory evaluation and tasting very important to understand if it is done well.


The distillate is stored in tanks until analyzed in the Chemical Laboratory of the Customs attesting to the legal requirements for placing the product on the market.


The high quality is always been the hallmark of Mazzetti d’Altavilla.
This commitment has been rewarded over time with a full list of awards nationally and internationally.



We are proud to have Mazzetti d’Altavilla as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

AIN wine challege

Importers, Distributors and Professional Buyers, we invite you discover and buy this HIGH QUALITY range of products from Mazzetti d’Altavilla!

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