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Casa De Las Especias: Unique wines of the Premium Class from Spain

As the GOLD MEDAL winner in AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018, Casa De Las Especias‘s wines have gained enormous credits from wine-lovers and medias.

What makes their wines so unique?


CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS is the successor to the ancient historical tradition of this wine-making region, the first group who entered this valley and began to occupy agriculture 60,000 years ago. This fact is witnessed by cave drawings of El Monte Arabí de Yecla, which is located near the vineyard and is considered a human property and is protected by UNESCO. Ancient people were close to nature and chose the most comfortable place for life based on their intuition. This is why it can be said that the place where the vineyards are located has a long history of living and growing agricultural products. the land

Therefore, each bottle of wine from CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS is decorated with a cave map of the El Monte Arabira de Yecla Mountain Goat as a symbol of the historical heritage of ancient traditions and art. Later on, in the period of Great Roman Empire, there was wine produced in this valley, during excavations there were some wine storages found with the remains of vessels.


The soil in this valley is also very unique. According to soil analysis, its composition is almost the same as that of southern Burgundy, which allows growing grapes of the highest quality. The ideal microclimate also contributes to this. The vineyards are located 750 meters above sea level, 100 kilometers away from the coast. Winter temperatures will kill all pests, and hot, dry summers will allow the grapes to get a lot of sugar.

the vineyard2


According to the program of the European Union , the vineyard was newly planted in 2001 and does not use GMOs or chemical effect on soil. The vineyard has a total area of 50 hectares. Until now, during the production of wine,  there is only environmental impact on soil implemented, without usage of chemical fertilizers. This fact allows us to consider that our wine is ecologically clean.
Manual labor is used to collect grapes. Without leaves, the roots and soil fall into the area where grapes are harvested. Under such conditions, the amount of wine that we can introduce to the market is limited, with about 300,000 bottles a year, but this wine is the highest quality in GOURMET style.agriculture


Don Pascual Forte Del Valle is the author and producer of CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS wines, and hundreds of meters of wine were born from this vineyard. He himself participated in its remediation in 2001 and knew every vine in this vineyard. Almost 50 years of wine growing and wine production experience and rare knowledge, which was transferred to him from 4 generations of close wine making relatives, making him a unique expert in the field and becoming the image of CASA DE LAS ESPECIAS wine. The foundation of the winemaking team consists of permanent employees with the highest academic qualifications, instead of temporary employees. All of these lead to the best grapes and the highest quality wines. The best and leading wine makers in the area are controlling the whole process of wine production.
Don Pascual Forte Del Valle

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