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Discover the Ancient Roots and Award-Winning Wines of Conte Guicciardini: Perfect for Asian Wine and Beverage Market

If you’re an importer or distributor in the wine and beverage industry, you know how important it is to offer your customers high-quality products that stand out from the crowd. That’s where Conte Guicciardini comes in – a family-owned winery that has been producing exceptional wines since the 12th century.

What sets Conte Guicciardini apart from other wineries is their rich history and tradition. The Guicciardini family, one of the oldest Florentine families, has had a prominent position in the political, social, and economic life of Florence since the 1200s. In 1416, Piero G. was appointed “Count Palatine” by the Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg. They actively participated in the public life of Florence, providing 44 “priori,” 16 “gonfalonieri di justice,” and 12 senators.

The pre-eminent personality of the family was Francesco, the Historian, who held important positions with the Medici, including ambassador to Spain, Governor of Modena and Reggio, and Head of the Cognac League. After retiring to Florence and Poppiano, he wrote his best-known work, the Historia d’Italia. The history of the Guicciardinis is inextricably linked to the Castle of Poppiano, a medieval building originally with a triple circle of walls, erected around the year one thousand as a fortress to defend Florence externally.

Conte Guicciardini’s wines have won multiple awards, including 2 Gold Awards at the Asia Awards 2023. They offer a range of wines, from traditional DOCG wines to dynamic and innovative IGT wines. What sets their wines apart is that everything they produce comes from their own vineyards and olive groves, ensuring authenticity and quality. They follow their products from the campaign to the bottle, giving customers confidence in the quality of the products they’re purchasing.

Conte Guicciardini’s wines are a perfect fit for the Asian market. They offer traditional DOCG wines, which maintain the style and ancient roots of their wines, as well as dynamic and innovative IGT wines. The Asian market is diverse, and customers are looking for high-quality, unique products that offer an exceptional experience. Conte Guicciardini’s wines offer just that, with a history and tradition that sets them apart from other wineries.

If you’re an importer or distributor in the wine and beverage industry, now is the time to import Conte Guicciardini’s wines. You can contact them directly through their official website, www.guicciardini1199.it, to start the process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to offer your customers exceptional wines with a rich history and tradition. Conte Guicciardini’s wines are the perfect addition to any wine and beverage portfolio, and they’re sure to be a hit with Asian customers who are looking for unique, high-quality products.


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