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Vicente Gandia

Once you taste their wines you’ll fall in love!
Amazing quality and great taste!
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Vicente Gandía -Hoya Wine
Interview of Mr.Pedro Manuel Gómez – Asia Export Manager – Vicente Gandia for AsiaImportNews – Exclusive


Could you please tell us the story of your winery, when it was created and how it developed decades after decades?

Vicente Gandia is a century-old winery founded in Valencia in 1885 and now managed by the 4th generation of the family Gandia. Our winery remains faithful to its founding values, contributes to the progress and welfare of society and is committed to quality and innovation without forgetting the wine tradition of our ancestors.

Winery has always been characterized by our international efforts and our wines are enjoyed in more than 90 countries on 5 continents.


What sort of wines are you producing?

Vicente Gandia controls the entire production process, from harvest to bottle labeling, allowing us to leave our own stamp on the wines we produce, without stripping away the essence of their origin.

We produce 9 appellation of origin: Valencia, Utiel-Requena, Rioja, Alicante, Rías Baixas, Priorat, Cava, Ribera del Duero y Rueda.

Vicente Gandia has facilities with the most modern and advanced technology that allows working through traditional methods with maximum guarantee in contributing to energy savings and environmental care.



How important are your export distribution compared to national distribution?

 Vicente Gandía export 70% of our production and 30% its national.

Vicente Gandía – Sandara


What sort of distributors are your customers?

In Asia our principal customers are: Drugstores, Cash & Carry, supermarkets, supermarkets distributor, online shops, 24h stores…



Why your wines are different from other wineries in your area? (If any specificities)

We are considered the largest winery in Valencia and best value winery in Spain regarding the rating by the international recognized Spanish wine guide, the Penin Guide.

In 2014, it was awarded the best Spanish wine producer by the prestigious international competition AWC Vienna. The same year, the World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wine and Spirits included Vicente Gandía in its annual list, as one of the Top 50 best wineries in the world.

With a great variety of wines and appellations of origin, they are a global winery for their customers with the seal of approval as Vicente Gandia, a name recognized for our guarantee of quality for their consumers.


Do you produce grapes in an organic or environmental friendly method, or with general methods?

Yes, we have certified organic grapes from central Spain. Vicente Gandía “Nature Collection”, a range of wines made of certified organically grown grapes. Varietal wines of world class grapes with 100% respect for the environment. Soul, nature and passion in one glass…



Are your wines already distributed in Asia, and if not what are the countries you are looking for new distributors?

Yes. We are in China, Hong-Kong, Israel, Japan, Kazajsta, Korea, South, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. And the last one that we introduced is Nepal.

We are looking for new distributors in Mongolia, Indonesia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand.


Vicente Gandía – El Miracle Wine


Is there anything who wants to add about your wines, story or any news?

Sandara is a range of low alcohol sparkling wines with a delicate character which are made especially to appeal to those who enjoy the good side of life. Fresh, elegant and fun.

There are 5 different types of Sandara:


  • Sandara Rosé: young and funny sparkling wine-based drink low in alcohol with very fine bubbles. A new concept of sparkling wine ideal for enjoying with friends while having appetizers.
  • Sandara White: Happy, gossipy, fun and elegant. This sparkling wine that is designed with friends, appetisers, parties and cocktails. A new and innovative way to enjoy wine.
  • Sandara Red: low alcohol sparkling wine that demonstrates how the combination of native Valencian grapes, such as Monastrell and Bobal and the international Cabernet make an excellent wine for creating this sparkling “Made in Spain”. The smooth bubbles that appear similar to those in any other, cava make Sandara Red luxury for celebrations.
  • Sandara Sangría Premium: is a jewel of Mediterranean culture that is created with the best wines and a large selection of natural citrus extracts from the Valencia orchard (lemon and orange), as well as forest fruits such as raspberries, strawberries or cherries. The distinction is the secret of this Sangria, the elegance of integrated bubbles in a perfect combination of sweet and acidic aromas in an exact balance.
  • Sandara Wine Mojito: is an innovative way to enjoy a glass of wine. Not everything has already been invented and our Sandara Wine Mojito is the proof of it. A perfect combination of flavours and cultures, the best of our wine tradition joined with the joy and freshness of the Caribbean seamlessly integrated by small and delicate bubbles. With an innovative and natural winemaking process through a blend of the wine with lime and mint. A unique experience ready to enjoy without adding ice and mint.


Peculiar wines: a message on each bottle. Ostras Pedrin and Uva Pirata are the first two wines of the new winemaking project by Vicente Gandia. At the headquarter’s of the Valencia Regulatory Council of the Appellation of Origin has taken place the presentation of the new oenological venture of Vicente Gandia, Peculiar Wines. Each wine that makes up this range is mentored by a winemaker of the winery who has been commissioned to carry out that project he/she had always dreamed of performing. Oenological creativity at its finest that offers micro-elaborations that recovers areas and peculiar varieties. A wine experience with a story behind each wine and has envolved with a packaging design that leaves no one indifferent.

The two first Peculiar Wines are the ones that have been presented in Valencia: Ostras Pedrin by Luis Garcia Severino and Uva Pirata made by Fernando Freire. Both wines are under the Appellation of Origin Valencia.


Ostras Pedrín eis the personal adventure of our winemaker Luis Garcia Severino who has rediscovered the Alto Turia, a 1,100 m high region where he has found a treasure in the variety Verdosilla. A signature white wine that shows a bright straw yellow colour. The nose displays aroma of pear, melon and syrup. The palate is friendly, sweet, elegant, lively, fruity and with a long finish. A perfect accompaniment to shellfish, fish, white meat, poultry, rice and cheese. The label has been designed by the Pixelarte group and is inspired by comics of the ’50s.


For the next wine creation, our winemaker Fernando Freire has deployed his most pirate side, sailing the wine seas to “hijack” the French Petit Verdot grape which has given rise to Uva Pirata. A signature red wine with cherry red color and violet tones. The palate is fruity, elegant, spicy, mineral, full-bodied, balanced with a long finish. The nose gives off an aroma of red fruits, berries, caramel, vanilla and mocha. An ideal companion to a good steak, cured cheese (such as Stilton) or game meat. The Uva Pirata artwork has been made by the Valencian artist Coté Escrivà inspired by an urban, scoundrel and pirate environment.


El Miracle: was born to commemorate our 120th anniversary, to celebrate the love, passion, effort and knowledge inherited from parents to children and the miracle of transform grapes into wine. A wine for cosmopolitan and avant-garde palates that has inspired us to create the Miracle Concept Wines range. With The Miracle 120 wines, Vicente Gandia celebrates a lifetime dedicated to wine.

Hoya de Cadenas: The Hoya de Cadenas Estate is a winemaking paradise just 90 Km from the city of Valencia. The Estate boasts over 300 hectares of the finest local and international vine varieties.

BO ‘Unique Bobal’ is the essence of our vineyards. The essence of our passion for wine passed down from generation to generation. 125 selected casks to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Vicente Gandía Winery.

For many years, we at Vicente Gandia Winery have been experimenting with the Bobal variety to come up with modern wines of high quality. At the outset the results were not particularly encouraging, and we had to reject entire runs that did not come up to standard. But then we learned that, by pruning young to reduce the grapes yield per vine, picking from old vines and selecting the best grapes, excellent results began to come about. The secret lay in selecting only the best.

Nebla : expresses the freshness of morning fog so typical of the castilian plateau where these fantastic wines come from, the regions of Rueda and Ribera del Duero. The fantastic combination of cool night temperatures, morning fog and the midday sun makes the wines grown in these areas exceptional.


Castillo de Liria: Since 1971 Castillo de Liria is the pioneering wine brand in valencia. Wines made from native and international varieties, present in more than 60 countries on five continents, becoming one of the best selling Spanish wine brands in the world.

Dolmo is as authentic as the mythical tree that accompanies the duero along its basin. The Olmos are majestic trees and in ancient Greece were associated with dionysus, the god of wine, because its branches were used to support the vines. 100% tempranillo with personality and winemakers passion.

Vicente Gandía – BO Wine

Thank you Mr.Pedro Manuel Gómez – Asia Export Manager – Vicente Gandia for your time and answers!

For Importers:

Vicente Gandía: www.vicentegandia.com

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