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Tenute Martarosa

“The Wine prepares The Hearts And Makes Them More Ready To Passion”
This winery is beyond imagination – after you taste their wines you’ll fall in love!
Importers we gladly recommend you to buy them! 
Welcome to Tenuta Martarosa
Interview of Mr. Michele Travaglini  – Owner  – Tenute Martarosa for AsiaImportNews – Exclusive


Could you please tell us the story of your winery, when it was created and how it developed decades after decades ?

Tenute Martarosa is a young company founded in 2013 that has experienced three generations of winegrowers.  After the degree in Economics and Marketing at the University of Bologna and some experience behind the desk, I returned to Molise, in my area to begin the adventure of transforming our production and realize the first wines.

To do this I have the collaboration of Luca Martini, best sommelier in the world. With him and other young guys have imagined how the company will be in the long run.

Thanks to family ties our production grows in Molise, where we are based, but also in Tuscany and Abruzzo. Our goal is to produce wines with a youthful style and great quality trying to merge innovation and tradition. Territorial identity, respect for the environment, for man and his work are the breeding ground from which our wines are born. We grow a lot of ideas that will translate into new products in the near future.


Tenuta Martarosa – harvest time


What sort of wines are you producing ?

We are producing 6 types of wine using for most native vines. We vinify Montepulciano, Tintilia, Sangiovese, Falanghina all in purity to enhance the territory and trying to have our own well-defined identity.


Tenuta Martarosa -HIBISCO
Tenuta Martarosa – TINTILIA
Tenuta Martarosa – MAEVA


How important are your export distribution compared to national distribution ?

Most of what we produce is destined for the foreign market. Currently only a small part is distributed in Italy.



What sort of distributors are your customers ?

Our customers are medium to small distributors who are able to appreciate and value the efforts of small companies like us that with sacrifice and courage are trying to introduce their own reality in the world.



Why your wines are different from other wineries in your area ?

We try to preserve the fruit in our wines, for this reason we currently use only steel tank. Wines are easy to drink, able to offer to the nose and palate interesting features that lead back to the territory of origin. They are different because we want to share with the consumer our time, made of our job but also other essential values such as family, relationships, contact with nature. And we try to communicate this through the wine


Tenuta Martarosa – Vineyard


Do you produce grapes in a organic or environmental friendly method, or with general methods ?

We produce with organic methods from two years. This year we are going to require the organic certificate and we will get it in 3 years.



Are your wines already distributed in Asia, and if not what are the countries you are looking for new distributors ?

Currently we have started working with a small importer in Japan but we aim to expand our relations with Asia looking for other customers in all countries wishing to take part in our products.



Is there anything who want to add about your wines, story or any news ?

Anyone who wants to know us better is welcome in our company, in an area still little known but with great potential and desire to express themselves.


Tenuta Martarosa – Michele Travaglini – Owner
Thank you Mr.Travaglini Michele – Owner  – Tenute Martarosa for your time and answers!

For Importers:

Tenute Martarosa: www.tenutemartarosa.com

“Life’s to short to drink bad wine”

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