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They are one of the first distilleries in Germany who produces their own rum!!!
Importers you need to have this on your portfolio – their spirits are amazing – we recommend!
Feingeisterei – GIN


Interview of Mr.Fabian Rohrwasser –  CEO and master distiller – Feingeisterei for AsiaImportNews – Exclusive


Could you please tell us the story of your winery, when it was created and how it developed decades after decades ?

Our distillery, the « Feingeisterei », was founded 2007 in Franconia, south Germany and moved in 2013 to Gut Basthorst near Hamburg in north Germany. Within this short period of time it develloped to one of the new premium distilliries in the German marked, focussing on high quality production and pure craftsmenship. Quite a lot of Awards of international Spirit competitions (like CWSA, San Francisco Spitits Competition, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, IWSC.. ) are prooving this


What sort of spirits are you producing ?

We produce a variety of fruit spirits like Williams-Christ-pear or Cherry, or Hazelnut as well as Rum, Gin (Brand name « 5 continents Gin ») and Vodka.


Feingeisterei – Rum


Feingeisterei – DonRuffin


How important are your export distribution compared to national distribution ?

For the future development export distribution will be the main theme for us to focus on. We are quite good in exporting to certain European countries, the Asian and the American markets are our focus for the future.



What sort of distributors are your customers ?

Distributors of wine & spirits who have their focus on the premium marked.



Why your Spirits are different from other wineries in your area ? 

Our USP is the high quality production of certified organic spirits with unique flavors.





Are your wines already distributed in Asia, and if not what are the countries you are looking for new distributors ?

Our spirits are not yet distributed in Asia. But they are awarded with gold and doublegold medals from the CWSA and CWSA best value, so we are looking for the Chinese and other Asian pacific distributors.


Feingeisterei -5 Continents Gin


Is there anything who want to add about your wines, story or any news ?

We are one of the first distilleries in Germany who produces their own rum (Double gold medal in CWSA best value 2016).

Thank you Mr.Fabian Rohrwasser –  CEO and master distiller – Feingeisterei for your time and answers!

For Importers:

Feingeisterei: www.feingeisterei.de

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