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10 Valentine’s Day Cocktails you NEVER tried

For an amazing Valentines Day we gladly  recommend you to try this fancy and unique cocktail recipe!

1.The Soft Love is a reddish-pink cordial that tastes like banana and cherry. Perfect before dinner.

2.Romance is a candy ‘tini with Kahlua, Bailey’s, Creme de Cacao and cream. Garnish it with shaved chocolate and pay attention to presentation, and this one gets a big “yamm!”

3. Creamy Chocolate Raspberry tastes just like it sounds, with a red sugar rim to make it festive.

4. It may be blue, but with a name like Sex in the Driveway, this drink just kind of fits the holiday.

5. Scarlet O’Hara  has a name that calls to mind romance. And Southern Comfort. Not a bad combination.

6. The Chocolate Cherry Cha Cha uses cherry liqueur and sparkling water with chocolate vodka and coconut rum to reproduce the flavor of a chocolate covered cherry. Plus, it’s a gorgeous bright red.

7. Robin’s Nest may not sound the part, but it sure looks and tastes it. It’s red, and also features the flavors of cranberry juice with creme de cacao.

8. Kiss on the Lips is a blended peach, mango and berry cocktail served on Carnival Cruise lines.
9.  Love Bite is a shooter – cherry, orange and cream.

10.  Hanky Panky is an old classic with an orange-spice-mint taste that’s hard to pin down, but addictive.

Happy Valentine’s day!Hope you all enjoy the this day with your loved one!!!



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