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Yihai Kerry Group : One of China’s major agricultural and food processing business

Yihai Kerry Group is the collective name for a series of grains, oils and food products processing and sales businesses invested by the Wilmar International Group in mainland China. Founded in 1991, Wilmar International Group is an integrated agricultural group, ranked 211th in Global 500 2021. It owns a wide range of businesses and over 900 factories in more than 30 countries and regions, and a sales network covering over 50 countries.

There are many famous Chinese brands under Yihai Kerry Group, such as “Arawana”, “Olivoilà”, and “Orchid”, with products in many fields including oils, rice, flours, and condiments. Adhering to the research and development concept of nutrition, health, and safety, the Group continuously launches high-quality grain and oil products to promote the development of grain and oil industry.

Yihai Kerry Group has been involved in the sesame oil business for many years, and our Arawana sesame oil is popular with the public thanks to its high quality and good price. In addition, the Arawana sesame oil, virgin sesame oil and the newly upgraded Arawana sesame oil from the first process produced with ancient method, which are adapted to the niche market, have also won the favor of consumers with their rich and unique flavor and excellent and ensured quality.

Recently, Three Arawana competitive well-known products were achieved awards in the 2022 ASIA AWARDS by ASIA IMPORT NEWS

Arawana Sesame Oil

Gold award granted by Asia Import News

East Africa, where the climate is hot and dry with plenty of sunshine all the year round, is an excellent sesame production area. The sesame produced here has high oil content, and the oil extracted has pure flavor with strong fragrance.

Arawana sesame oil is produced with carefully selected yellow and white sesame seeds with high oil content and good quality from Ethiopia and China, containing the active nutrient sesame lignans up to 8000 ppm (mg/kg), which has antioxidant properties. The oil is produced with six processes of screening, roasting, smoke removing, pressing, filtering and settling. With pure physical pressing, the crude oil from the first process is taken to retain the pure sesame aroma.

Arawana Virgin Sesame Oil

Gold award granted by Asia Import News

Arawana virgin sesame oil is mainly made of high quality sesame produced from  east Africa. After the sesame is toasted and crushed physically, only the first batch of sesame oil would be collected. The product relies on moderate processing production craft and anhydrous dephosphorization technology, so as to keep more fragrance and the nutritious phospholipid, with more than 40 milligrams of natural nutrition phospholipid in every 100 grams of oil. The fragrance is therefore pure, natural and mellow.

Arawana sesame oil from the first process produced with ancient method

Silver award granted by Asia Import News

Arawana sesame oil from the first process is produced with carefully selected yellow and white sesame seeds with high oil content and good quality from Ethiopia and China, containing the active nutrient sesame lignan up to 8000ppm (mg/kg). It adopts a seven-step process and segmented oil extraction technology to take the first section of the pressed sesame oil from the first process at the expense of low oil yield. Only 1 kg of the oil  can be gained from 8 kg sesame seeds, which is more than 3 times materials cost of producing 1kg ordinary sesame oil . Pure physical pressing can retain the pure aroma of sesame, providing a double enjoyment of good nutrition and rich aroma.

These three products are pure sesame oils with pure and strong fragrance. They could be extensively used in cold dishes, or in dipping sauce, or  in soup or in meat stuffing. Because of its nutrient-rich and delicious, it is a good choice for homemade food.

An inclusive interview with Mr. Xu Yongjun, head of the sesame oil production line in Yihai Kerry:

Question 1: Do you already export to Asia ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in Asia ?

Answer : Our sesame oil products have been exported to different regions in Asia in different specifications (large, medium and small packages) in recent years, mainly including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. We hope that as we explore the Chinese markets of different countries, the professional importers and sellers who are influential among local mainstream market consumers can promote our sesame oil products in a wider range.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

Answer : Our Group has a number of sesame oil production factories that boast professional and modern production equipment. We implement quality control throughout the whole production chain, from supplier admission, to materials procurement, production process control, and warehouse logistics, in order to ensure the safety of every bottle of oil. We have professional and strict quality and flavor control system, so as to ensure the strong and mellow fragrance of products.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

Answer : Since June 2020, Arawana sesame oil has been exported to Canada and US, winning the favor and praise of the local consumers. In the future, our company will continue to supply sesame products with high quality and competitive price to consumers worldwide, and promote the selling of Arawana sesame oil series products at home and abroad.

For business cooperation, please contact email pangqinyuan@cn.wilmar-intl.com;

If you want detailed information about the brand and products, please feel free to contact lihongtao@cn.wilmar-intl.com. We would like to communicate with you.


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