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Sales Advice During COVID-19

Worried about your sales ? Don’t stop selling… but change how you sell.

18 Steps for Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here’s an 18-step pandemic sales checklist;

  1. Accept that this will be slow and hard.
  2. Recognize that your client is the Hero, and you’re the Helper.
  3. Commit to a long-term sales mindset.
  4. Choose to practice compassion, empathy, and patience.
  5. Understand (and secure) your immediate sales and marketing situation.
  6. Adjust your annual sales targets, including the impact on your P&L.
  7. Create lower-commitment “bite-size” sales offerings.
  8. Outline an iterative plan to create high-value marketing content, for sales support.
  9. Show the love to your current clients.
  10. Reconnect with all active sales prospects, leading with your high-value content.
  11. Create a re-engagement campaign, to reach past prospects.
  12. Craft a high-value offer for any cold sales outreach.
  13. Stay accountable, including your followup process.
  14. Build and strengthen referral partnerships.
  15. Enlist your team to help.
  16. Seek bizdev advice from a range of sources.
  17. Find ways to take breaks.
  18. Recognize that you’ll likely survive this.

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