Casale Mattia: The Traditional Organic Winemaking

It was the 60s when Attilio, the grandfather of the current owner of Casale Mattia, acquired the land in the Colle Mattia area and dedicated himself to the cultivation of the vine. The activity carried out by his son Fernando was then further expanded in 1966 when his son Roberto completed the supply chain process, adding the bottling activity to the cultivation of the grapes with the construction of a cellar equipped with modern facilities for processing grapes, storage and bottling of wines. It has been founded by a family that has been working in the oenological field for generations. This choice is due to the aim of bringing back to a new splendor the wines of an ancient territory regaining their prestige and their tradition.

Casale Mattia Asia Import News

The company is located on the homonymous hill 200 meters above sea level south of Rome in an area that has always been dedicated to the production of Frascati wine. In these lands rich in volcanic residues in the heart of the Frascati doc area extends the company . The vineyards alternate with olive groves and fields forming a good model of biodiversity. The soil is of volcanic origin, the most widespread native vine is Malvasia di Candia. Attention to the territory and the commitment to its sustainability have resulted in the production of typical wines of the area. Our search for quality starts with the control of the entire supply chain and is the combination of respect for tradition combined with technology. With our oenologist we verify all the production steps, from the harvest to the vinification of still white wines, red wines processed with the traditional method and sparkling wines in the white and rosé versions processed with the charmat method. The winery is equipped with modern facilities for processing grapes, storing and bottling our wines. Believing in work, in the potential of our company, in the product we want to offer the consumer are our philosophy and our daily commitment, our strength that has allowed us over the years to grow and improve.


Their wines are the result of a daily commitment, of hard work in the vineyard and in the cellar. They make their journey around the world bringing with us their roots and telling a story.

This 2019, Casale Mattia has joined Asia Wine Challenge 2019 and won gold medal.


Casale Mattia Asia Import News

Winery : Frascati

Appellation or Vine : Frascati D.O.C.

Composition : Malvasia Di Candia, Malvasia Bianca, Trebbiano Giallo, Bombino, Bello

Year : 2017

Alcoholic Content : 12.5

Bottle type : Borgognona

Content (cl) : 75

Glass type : Burgundy White

It is considered one of the most ancient Italian white wines. The purpose of Casale Mattia is to express all its tradition and authenticity. For this reason the grapes used for vinification of this product not only come from Malvasia Bianca, Malvasia di Candia and Trebbiano Giallo but also Bombino and Bello, two ancient vines, typical of Frascati. The color is pale yellow, the scent is delicate and pleasant, the taste fruity, soft and velvety.

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