Pomario: Respect nature to make great wines!

Pomario, is a well-known wine producer in Italy. Not only in Italy, but also all around the world, people love their wines for its great qualities.

Respecting the environment and maintaining ecological balance are guidelines for the construction of the new Pomario winery. This state-of-the-art brewery was refurbished from the former tool shed, retaining the style of the farmhouse and, where possible, recycling the original materials. Different processing, aging and bottling areas are fully functional, and equipped with modern environmental systems for controlling the basic parameters of producing high quality wines.


The process chamber is equipped with temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks that allow individual monitoring of the different stages of the winemaking process and respect for different harvest times, from rosé wines to dessert wines “Muffato”. Zero-emission geothermal wells control temperature and photovoltaic panels contribute to the electrical system; they are placed on top of the farm car park to avoid covering the farmland and ensuring the lowest possible visual impact.

The aging room is equipped with a temperature and humidity control system that is built close to the ground and naturally achieves uniform temperature and humidity in each season. This room features Barriques, Tonneaux and large oak barrels made by small artisans to meet the aging needs of the wine. Finally, the bottling room is equipped with a state-of-the-art bottling machine designed to preserve the wine under ideal conditions.


Their wines are currently not only sold in Italy but also internationally. They have worldwide shipping for international orders. Their wines have gained great popularity from the clients. For example, one of their classics is RONDIROSE Rosato. Rondirose is a Rosé wine produced by Count Spalletti Trivelli in Pomario, Umbria. This is a very refreshing young wine. It is made from Merlot and Sangiovese grapes in sunny and windy areas.

When the acidity is still high and the skin is just beginning to change color, the Merlot and Sangiovese grapes will be harvested. Items collected in the morning are placed in a press and immersed for several hours at a controlled temperature. Only when it starts to strengthen can it continuously monitor the necessary colors and extract them with soft pressure. Fermentation activated by native yeast continues on steel with controlled temperature. After several decantings and slight filtration, the finished wine is bottled to maintain a fresh color and aroma during harvest.

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