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Rubinelli Vajol: Wine, nature’s creation

Rubinelli Vajol Philosopy is to offer the beauty and delicious goodness coming from the very heart of Valpolicella.

Rubinelli Vajol is an Italian winery who produce great wines by respecting nature. The whole environment is as beautiful as a poem. The land of Vajol is located in the centre of Valpolicella. The charm of their country house, their wine cellar, the Corte of Sant’Anna, and the Vajol village covered by vineyards, decorated by brick walls, olive trees, cherry blossoms and almond trees, are very much. The essence of Valpolicella’s classical beauty.

Their delicious wines, the noble nectar of the grapes, contain the sweet secrets stored in the centre of Valpolicella: a slow time, during which our grapes mature in the valleys of the sun and are covered by rolling hills. It’s the right time to rest the grapes, and finally enjoy the dream of sleeping in a huge oak barrel, in the cool wine cellar on the mountain side.


The story of Rubinelli Vajol starts with  Gaetano Rubinelli, the founder of a family who lived in Valpolicella for generations. The Chievo dam was built along the Adige River and powered to all Verona industries at the beginning of this century. Gaetano Rubinelli purchased this beautiful country location, fascinated by its perfect setting, and location in the heart of Valpolicella. Over the years, the Rubinelli family decided to start their own wine production, so they dreamed of expressing the exquisiteness and excellence of their land products and realized it! High quality grapes, due to growth and maturity in an ideal environment: soil…the sun…and the gentle climate and gentle breeze of Conca del Vajol.



They produce five number bottles of Valpolicella classical wines: amarone, ripasso, valpolicella classico superiore, valpolicella classico, recioto. All of five wines feature the classic Valpolicella five native grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara and Oseleta. The flavour and aroma of the five local grape varieties can only be protected in large oak barrels in France and Slavonia. In the long-term refining process, these barrels provide the right balance of wood, retaining and enhancing the strong aroma of these lands. They only use 30 or 50 litre barrels to get unique and elegant wines.

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