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The Colle Petruccio Winery is in the heart of the Maremma , and it is within this territory of deep traditions that the cultivation of the vine has developed. Since the Etruscans, the vine and the wine have accompanied our people year after year, coloring the fields, setting the tables, ensuring their survival thanks to a trade that, first local and limited only to grapes, today provides every corner of the world a certified wine.
collepetruccio_thegrapesColle Petruccio adheres to the Consorzio Tutela Montecucco, all the wines produced by their vineyard must pass the strict internal commission examinations before being approved.
With Colle Petruccio ‘s experience and passion handed down from generation to generation they make sure to give you a product of the highest quality.
Colle Petruccio  winery works with passion and dedication, passing on a tradition that for generations has found its life in the land that has always given it its best fruits: Tuscany.
Colle Petruccio  wines are the result of this story in which love for the land and attention for progress meet, the attachment to work and the loss of art alongside the oldest winemaking processes. use of the most modern technologies.


The Colle Petruccio Winery adheres to the Consorzio Tutela Montecucco. Thanks to the numerous wine checks we can guarantee you a quality product. Below you can see the steps that a wine must overcome to be marketed with the consortium approval form.

Each producer belonging to the Consortium, once obtained the name recognition of the product issued by Valoritalia, can freely decide whether to present to the examination of a commission composed of oenologists and technicians its products that will be subsequently tasted anonymously and, if deemed adequate they will be rewarded with the suitability for the affixing of the identification form. It is the certainty about the quality of the approved product that impels us to “put our face” to attribute a stamp bearing our logo, stamped on bands numbered progressively, to guarantee all consumers who choose our product.
Taken from Consorzio Montecucco Tutel




Colle Petruccio love their vineyards, and their passion and collepetruccio_production_of_bio_wineexperience leads them to follow the whole harvesting process with the utmost care. -> All this to provide you with a superior product!

In fact, from Colle Petruccio vineyards they produce DOC and BIO wines.




Colle Petruccio allows the purchase of its products both to companies and individuals, because for then it is important that everyone can enjoy the quality of their products.

They like that their wine is consumed in the family but also exported in larger quantities to spread the flavors of their great land.



We are proud to have Colle Petruccio as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

AIN wine challege

Importers, Distributors and Professional Buyers, we really recommend  you Colle Petruccio to buy some great quality and BIO wines!

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