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Barbadoro: How their sicilian organic wines win your heart?

We cultivate in compliance with the rules of organic without using synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We also have a solar panel system that provides all the energy needed for our company.

The history of the Barbadoro farm originated from three generations. In the early 20th century, grandfather Don Michel started farming the land and used most of the land for wine growing. At  present, the company has 6,000 plants, most of which are shrub-grown vines. This system is traditionally used in unfavorable climate regions. UNESCO has announced the agricultural practice of the “bush-trained vines” heritage of humanity, the first agricultural practice in the world to obtain this prestigious recognition.


To be able to cultivate in accordance with the regulations of organic agriculture, they do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides; they have a solar panel system that provides all the necessary energy to carry out the company. The grape cultivation techniques of Barbados are based on local grapes and have a century-old tradition. The vineyard is a small ecosystem where grapes grow and their production is related to the soil and its exposed characteristics, climate and the entire production system.




The first label is for the one who started this story, Don Michelangelo.
This is Nerello Cappuccio. Its vibrant purple, vibrant wine, full of sweet aromas, cocoa and almond aromas, orange peels prevail. The taste is fresh and the acidity is good, with a scent of blackberry, black cherry and violet scent.
The name of the label mentioned a piece of land – the land of Sicily, where in the evening it said “sÏira” and drank “Syrah.”

Barbadoro's vineyard

The SìiRA

The name of this wine made from the Syrah grape is derived from the “Sira” in the form of the Sicilian dialect, literally meaning “evening”, but immediately evokes the name of the grape. In the evening, this is the best time for tasting wine. At night it is time to share the joyful and active new emotions on the table.
Siira is a wine that has been impregnated with marcs for a long period of time. This process enhances all the characteristics of “Syrah”. This vine was planted for more than 25 years and was cultivated together with the espalier system, and it was able to maintain its aromatic characteristics in warmer environments than other vines, such as Sicilian wines, which established high quality wines.
The color of the wine is dark red, strong and tends to garnet, typical syrah pigmentation: dark ink. Warm, gorgeous, tannins and rich, full of expression. The taste is quite large, you can feel its size, fine tannins, and finally plums, chocolate mint is unmistakable. Due to its spicy natural, warm and tannic character, this wine is ideal for delicious foods such as Sicilian specialities.

Barbadoro's wine

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