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Santa Tresa: organic is a way of life!

Are you looking for a bio wine of great qualities?

Santa Tresa is definitely the one!

We are extremely proud to be certified organic, but we are so much more than that – it is our way of life, our mind-set and not just the absence of pesticides that we are talking about here. We take a completely holistic approach to everything we do in order to ensure that we preserve the natural environment, giving something back where ever we can, and planning  for the long-term.

Santa Tresa is located 240 metres above sea level in Vittoria, in the southwest of Sicily. The estate covers an area of ​​50 hectares, of which 39 are planted with vines, located in the Dirillio River in the north, the Ilei Mountains in the east and the open plains in the South and West.

SantaTresa vineyardThe landscape is slightly undulating and is characterised by a layer of “terra rossa” or “red soil” resting on a base of clay. The top layer is therefore cool, loose, rich in minerals, whereas the next layer down is rich in organic matter and is excellent at retaining water. There is an underground irrigation system that we use only when absolutely necessary – when the plant’s survival is at risk. The system avoids water wastage through surface outflow and evaporation.


Organic cultivation of vines basically means returning to the foundation – respecting the natural environment and considering the heritage. At Santa Tresa, they have perfect organic cultivation conditions: they have the ideal climate – plenty of sunshine and cool sea breeze, which means that grape rot is not a threat. The soil is rich in minerals and it is very suitable for the varieties of grapes they plant. So, in short, they have an excellent opportunity to grow wonderfully healthy grape varieties by adding grapes that do not contain pesticides or chemicals. This is what they are made!
a natural fertilizer


Harvesting of grapes is all done by hand. Each worker takes a row of vines each to work their way through. Grapes are placed in small plastic containers with many vents. The container should not be too large, otherwise the grapes will be crushed by their own weight. They will not be too hot, or the skin will begin to split, it is also very important that wines begin to ferment naturally in the vineyard!manual harversting
Each picker has two containers to fill the grapes. The container is placed on a trolley. Once the container is full, the trolley is pulled into the shade, they will place the lid on the container to keep the grapes in the shade.
Their diligence has won enormous credits from medias. particularly, their wines, Santa Tresa Nivuro Nero d’Avola – Perricone Igp and Santa Tresa AVULISI Nero d’Avola Igp have won the GOLD MEDAL in AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018, and Santa Tresa Cerasuolo di Vittoria won the SILVER MEDAL.


Santa Tresa Nivuro Nero d'Avola - Perricone Igp

Santa Tresa Nivuro Nero d’Avola – Perricone Igp

Grapes: a carefully selected blend of Nero d’Avola and Perricone

Tasting notes: deep, opaque purple/red/violet color with an incredibly intense nose. A rich combination of black and red fruits, with black pepper and spices. Elegant rich and luscious on the palate, with huge bursts of warm dark berry fruit; the finish is mineral and savoury. Nìvuro has excellent balance, it is fruity and fresh with a surprisingly soft, long finish.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG

Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG

Grapes: Nero d’Avola, Frappato.

Tasting notes: intense ruby in colour, the bouquet is reminiscent of dark berries. The palate is soft, well-rounded, full of elegance and finesse, with a long finish.

Are you excited to know more about Santa Tresa? Don’t hesitate to click HERE for further information!






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