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Tenute Pacelli

We are in love!!!
Elegance and quality this is what defines Tenute Pacelli wines!
Importers we highly recommend you to buy their wines and share it with the world!
Interview of Ms.Carla and Ms.Laura Pacelli – Owners – Tenute Pacelli for AsiaImportNews – Exclusive


Could you please tell us the story of your winery, when it was created and how it developed decades after decades ?

A young family-run winery managed almost entirely by women, Tenute Pacelli has made red wines its strong point, organic its motto, experimentation its differentiating factor and hospitality its mission. Clara, the mother, Francesco, the father, Carla and Laura, their daughters, believed in these things when they decided to work with the family vineyard. Then as in now. The company was created 20 years ago. The farm covers an area of ten hectares in the countryside of Rose, near the historic town of Malvito, a charming medieval village perched on a hill, where for generations the Barons La Costa have elected their rural residence. Fruit of the dedication and passion of the Pacelli family, a descendant of La Costa, the Tenute Pacelli is the result of twenty long years of work under the direction of the lawyer Francesco Pacelli. Originally from Naples, the lawyer inherited from his uncle Baron, a vineyard that, at the time, offered grapes intended solely for the personal cellar of the noble family and their guests.

Tenute Pacelli -The Vineyard in working days


What sort of wines are you producing ?

Francesco Pacelli has revolutionized the business, innovating the wine culture of the area, planting new vineyards and building a cutting-edge winery, and now producing four types of wine, a classic method sparkling wine and a Passito (sweet wine). All this in an area resistant to innovative drives and whose wine expressions are often underestimated or overlooked.

Tenute Pacelli – Wine Range
Tenute Pacelli – Wine Range



How important are your export distribution compared to national distribution ?

Very important. In fact, now we are looking for expanding our export distribution.



What sort of distributors are your customers ?

We only have several wine sellers all over the country, none outside Italy.


Why your wines are different from other wineries in your area ?

Our wines usually surprises because of the unusual grape that we grow in this countryside –like Riesling and Barbera, usually northern wines- and are mostly liked for the elegance of the taste and for the particular flavours and scents.


Do you produce grapes in a organic or environmental friendly method, or with general methods ?

We are 100% Organic and EU certificate

Tenute Pacelli – Vineyard


Are your wines already distributed in Asia, and if not what are the countries you are looking for new distributors ?

Not yet. We would like to work with Cina and India


Is there anything who want to add about your wines, story or any news ?


The winery’s vineyards extend across the green hill that overlooks the plains of Rose, the contrada where the Pacelli estate stands tall, dominated by the hunting lodge of the noble La Costa family. This ancient residence dates back to the end of the 1700s. With its four crenelated towers, it also served as an outpost and observatory. Our respect for nature can be seen in the way our vineyard is cultivated with painstaking care.

Thank you Ms.Carla and Ms.Laura Pacelli – Owners – Tenute Pacelli for your time and answers!

For Importers:

Tenute Pacelli: www.tenutepacelli.it

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