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From France to Asia: FSP Wines’ Passion for Good Wine and Impressive Products

Asia is a rapidly growing market for wine and beverages, with importers and distributors always on the lookout for the latest and greatest offerings. In this article, we will focus on FSP Wines, a company that has been making waves in the industry for their innovative products and award-winning blends.

FSP Wines is a company that prides itself on creativity and enthusiasm for all things wine. Their team of associates is dedicated to designing innovative products, building brands, and initiating trends. They bring products to life by blending innovation, design, and marketing to create good products that are smart, look great, taste good, and impress.

One of FSP’s most impressive achievements is winning 9 Gold Medal Awards at the Asia Awards 2023 by Asiaimportnews.com. Their products that won these awards are the Prince Delaville IGP Pays d’oc Pinot Noir Red 2021, Prince Delaville IGP Pays d’oc Sauvignon Blanc White 2021, Libertés IGP Pays d’oc Cabernet Sauvignon Red 2021, Libertés – IGP Pays d’oc Sauvignon Blanc – 2021 -Red, Libertés – IGP Pays d’oc Chardonnay – White – 2021, Bourbon AOP Costières de Nîmes red 2021, Chatelain Valmont AOP Côtes du Rhône 2021, Chateau de Bosc AOP Côtes du Rhône 2021 red, and Marquis de Sade AOP Ventoux 2020.

These award-winning products showcase FSP’s unique selection of original and distinctive wines. Each of their products features hints of terroir authenticity coupled with creative orientations. This is what makes their wines stand out in the crowded wine market.

FSP Creative Wine Merchant has three main activities: winemaking, wine maturation and bottling, and wine merchant. They have a production capacity of 20 to 30 million bottles a year and can bottle any wine from France. Amaury de Sincay and Lucas Botebol are the founders of FSP Creative Wine Merchant, and their passion for wine is evident in the quality of their products.

For importers and distributors in the Asia wines and beverages market, FSP Wines is definitely a company to keep an eye on. Their award-winning products and dedication to creativity and innovation make them a standout in the industry. With their unique selection of original and distinctive wines, FSP is sure to make a lasting impression on the Asian market.

If you’re interested in learning more about FSP Wines and their award-winning products, we highly recommend visiting their website at https://www.fsp-wine.com/. There, you can browse their selection of wines and learn more about their unique approach to winemaking and wine merchanting. With their passion for wine and dedication to quality, FSP Wines is sure to impress wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.


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