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Casa Vinicola Gialdino Franco: Award-Winning Wines from Southern Italy’s Pollino Hills

Casa Vinicola Gialdino Franco, a family-owned winery located in the picturesque hills of Pollino in southern Italy, has recently won three Gold Medal Awards in the 2023 Asia Awards by Asiaimportnews.com. This prestigious recognition was awarded to their outstanding wine products, including the MAGLIOCCO 1953, DOMINI’ MONTONICO, and THE WHITE MONTONICO MACERATO.

The Gialdino family has been producing fine wines since the mid-1900s, and their passion for the territory and its fruits is evident in every sip of their wines. Their careful selection of grapes, which come only from native vines, ensures that their wines have a high organoleptic value and a delicious taste that wine enthusiasts will surely appreciate.

Their award-winning products are a testament to the Gialdino family’s commitment to excellence in winemaking. The MAGLIOCCO 1953 is a red wine made from 100% Magliocco grapes, which are native to the Calabria region of Italy. This wine boasts a complex aroma and a full-bodied flavor that pairs well with grilled meats and strong cheeses.

The DOMINI’ MONTONICO is a white wine made from 100% Montonico grapes, which are also native to the Calabria region. This wine has a delicate aroma and a fresh, fruity flavor that makes it an excellent choice for pairing with seafood and light dishes.

Finally, the WHITE MONTONICO MACERATO is a white wine made from Montonico grapes that have undergone a maceration process, resulting in a wine with a distinct aroma and a full-bodied, slightly tannic flavor. This wine is perfect for pairing with hearty dishes such as pasta with meat sauces and roasted meats.

As a distributor or importer in the Asia wines and beverages market, you cannot afford to miss out on the exceptional wines produced by Casa Vinicola Gialdino Franco. Their award-winning products are a testament to their commitment to excellence and their deep-rooted tradition of winemaking. Make sure to visit their website (https://www.casavinicolagialdino.it/) and explore their diverse selection of wines, which are sure to delight the most discerning palates.


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