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Villa Tinta: A Winery Committed to Crafting Exceptional Wines That Stand Out in the Market

Are you a distributor or importer of Asian Wines and beverages, searching for unique and high-quality wines to offer to your customers? Look no further than Villa Tinta, a winery located in the southern part of Ukraine, near Lake Yalpug in Danube Bessarabia.

Villa Tinta recently won a Gold Medal Award in the Asia Awards 2023 by Asiaimportnews.com for their product , Villa Tinta Odessa Black. This recognition highlights the winery’s commitment to producing exceptional wines that stand out in the market and are beloved by wine experts and consumers alike.

Villa Tinta’s wines are crafted for the inquisitive, the seekers, and those who want to discover new tastes and aromas. The winery believes that the quality of the grapes is a crucial factor in determining the difference in the wine’s taste and aroma.

To achieve the best quality grapes, Villa Tinta works in the vineyards every day in rhythm with the seasons, from pruning the vines to harvesting the grapes. The winery combines age-old winemaking traditions with modern technologies to constantly improve the production process of their wines.

Villa Tinta owns 550 hectares of vineyards and partners with many local winegrowers, processing grapes from over 600 hectares of vineyards. The winery selects grape varieties that are most adapted to the conditions of their microclimate, creating a large collection of European and local grape varieties.

With a large number of sunny days, loamy soils, control of the load on the vine, manual harvesting of grapes, and minimum delivery time “from the bush to the press,” Villa Tinta creates a quality wine of guaranteed origin. The winery produces some of the best Muscat, Odesa Black, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines in Ukraine.

Experience the warmth of the sunny south of Ukraine and the unique terroir of Lake Yalpug with Villa Tinta wines. For distributors and importers, Villa Tinta’s high-quality wines offer a unique addition to your selection and the opportunity to satisfy the curiosity and demand of your customers for new and exciting tastes. Visit Villa Tinta’s website at https://villatinta.com.ua/ to learn more about their winemaking process and the variety of wines they offer.


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