Tralci Hirpini Società Agricola Srl : The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation in Winemaking

Tralci Hirpini Società Agricola Srl is a winery located in Irpinia, Italy, and it has recently won the Gold Medal Award for their Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOC 2018 in the Asia Awards 2023 by The story of Tralci Hirpini is a story of friendship that has grown into a big dream, and their products are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation in winemaking.

Tralci Hirpini is committed to respecting nature and the unique and precious terroir that surrounds them, and this commitment is reflected in their pursuit of excellence, attention to detail, and continuous experimentation. Their vineyards are located in a fertile and difficult territory, Irpinia, land of the wolf, with rolling hills and immense green spaces. Here, the Aglianico vine has found its natural habitat and offers its best expressions.

Their products are unique, and they are perfect for the Asian market. The Asian market has a long-standing history with wine, and Tralci Hirpini offers a perfect blend of tradition and innovation in winemaking that appeals to the modern Asian consumer. With a strong wine-growing vocation and a commitment to innovation, Tralci Hirpini is a brand that distributors and importers will surely love to sell.

Tralci Hirpini’s website,, provides more information about their products and their commitment to winemaking. Visit their website to learn more about Tralci Hirpini and their unique products.