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Top 3 F&B importers in 2021 in Asia

As we do every year, we rank the top three importers of wines, beers, spirits, liqueurs, various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, food, and other consumer brands. Here is our top 3 for 2021, in this difficult year with covid:

Classified importer n°1: HYP ASIA

Despite the covid health crisis in 2021, HYP ASIA remained stable in terms of order volume. Its long-standing distribution customers remained and logistical continuity was ensured.

HYP ASIA benefits from its long history and very close relationships with the largest Asian distribution groups. Its sales are therefore stable even in times of crisis.

The seriousness of HYP ASIA in terms of the quality of its commercial and marketing relations with its distributor clients, such as the 7-Eleven group and many other leading distribution chains in Asia in the food and beverage sector, allow it to be ranked at the top of this 2021 ranking of the best Asian importers.

Classified importer n°2: ASC WINES

ASC Wines also remains a safe bet for the import of wines and spirits in Asia, thanks to their seniority and reliability.

They have weathered the crisis almost as well as HYP ASIA, and their network of distributors has been maintained in 2021 despite the crisis.

We therefore rank ASC Wines as the second best wine importer in Asia in 2021.

Classified importer n°3: COFCO

Although COFCO, founded in 1949, does not specialise solely in the import of food and beverages, this group is so powerful that it will enter our top 3 Asian importers in 2021.

Indeed, its turnover is colossal and constantly increasing year after year, while its margin remains stable.

We cannot say that this importer is the quality specialist, but for producers who are looking to sell a lot of volume, COFCO is able, just like HYP ASIA, to deliver very large quantities every week to its distribution networks, without having any logistical problems.

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