CHAMPAGNE Sébastien LEFEVRE : Made with Rigor, Purest Champagne Tradition

Sébastien LEFÈVRE  is a winemaker and they have been producing champagnes for three generations. All their vintages has developed and elaborated with rigor, in the purest Champagne tradition.

Champagne Sébastien LEFÈVRE is located in VERT-TOULON, a typical Champagne village on the edge of the Côte des Blancs on the Champagne tourist route 25 km south of Epernay, 60 km south of Reims and 120 km north East of Paris.

The grape harvests in Champagne are carried out in a traditional way by hand. They are the result of a year of work in the vineyards. The harvest date is fixed for each commune by the Interprofessional Committee of Champagne Wines (CIVC).

This 2020, CHAMPAGNE Sébastien LEFEVRE won a GOLD Medal in Asia Awards 2020 Wines and Spirits Competition:


Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

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