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Tenute Pieralisi : A passion for innovation in winemaking

 Tenute Pieralisi wines are born from listening to the countryside and its natural cycles, from respect for nature in all its forms, and from the emotion given by the complexity of a work based on tradition and faced with a bit of audacity.

The Tenute Pieralisi agricultural company was founded in 2012 by the Pieralisi family’s precise desire to put their estates at the center of agricultural activities, starting from the enhancement of the splendid vineyards and olive groves.

This will gave birth to an innovative and ambitious project characterized by a new vision of agriculture and land management. All the choices made, from the conversion to organic farming up to the new method of growing vines, are functional to an illuminated viticulture, in which the search for excellence passes through the sustainability of the work that is done to achieve it.

The attachment to the land and to the territory and the passion for innovation guide the journey of their family since Adeodato Pieralisi, in 1888, founded the first workshop for the maintenance of agricultural machinery.

Thanks to soils particularly suited to agriculture and to cutting-edge processing aimed at guaranteeing taste and quality,They can now boast a production of excellence, guided by the experience and passion of first-rate winemakers and master winemakers.

Tenute Pieralisi - Asia Import Nes

Colle del Sole, 2 steps from the cellar.

Tenute Pieralisi farm is located in the center of the large Colle del Sole vineyard, beyond 20 hectares,
in the locality of Scorcelletti in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini.

Tenute Pieralisi all wine comes from this unique vineyard that surrounds our cellar with a unique and evocative setting. The proximity of the vineyard, allows to significantly reduce the time elapsed between the collection of the bunch, selected a Hand on the plant, and its pressing, in this way only the best of nature intervenes in winemaking processes, preventing the organoleptic characteristics of our grapes from being altered.

Recently, Tenute Pieralisi has joined Asia Import News and won 2 gold medal in this competition:

VILLAIA Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico Superiore 2017

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Verdicchio is probably the most versatile Italian native white grape variety. The grapes for the production of this “Classico Superiore”, coming from a single vineyard, are harvested perfectly ripe and then vinified naturally without the addition of selected yeasts. On the nose the wine is delicately aromatic with notes of wild herbs and fruit of temperate climates (apples, apricots) and subtropics (grapefruit). Palate with multiple facets, it is fine and penetrating with a delicious note of ripe fruit. Beautifully balanced by a vibrant acidity, it boasts a velvety texture that makes it extremely difficult not to swallow it. My advice: do it!  – Nicolas Belfrage MW.

RE DI RAS Rosso Piceno Doc 2015

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

From the intense magenta shade, the delicate notes of blackberries and blueberries of this wine nourish a surprisingly tasty, soft and gratifying palate. Its velvety tannins and notes of small red fruits that fill the palate, immediately bring to mind the dark chocolate with hazelnuts with dried fruit and raisins. Smooth as silk when it slides down the palate but never tiring thanks to its freshness, after the first sip you’ll want another one immediately. My advice: drink it!

This winery is beyond imagination – after you taste their wines you’ll fall in love!

For more details please VISIT Tenute Pieralisi HERE:


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