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Casa Vinicola Fazio: Love for the art of viticulture with passion and dedication in winemaking

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


Girolamo and Vincenzo Fazio in history are the architects of the transformation of the family property into a modern and efficient winery located in the municipality of Erice in the north-western quadrant of the province of Trapani . The Fazio family has been an active and decisive part in obtaining the recognition of the Erice DOC which strengthens the link between production and a territory with unique geological and climatic characteristics.

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


The vineyards have been planted between 250 and 600 meters above sea level by carefully assessing the exposure and the composition of the land. The cool and windy climate, the presence of mountain reliefs and the relative proximity of the sea give the territory of Erice Doc unique and exclusive characteristics. The particular geological conformation of the soils gives the grapes aromas, freshness and flavor supported by a good acidity.


Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


The Greek sapling vineyards owned by the Tosto family, adopted by the Fazio winery to avoid extinction, are around 60 years old and represent a true archaeological find of Sicilian viticulture.


Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


Organic fertilization through the practice of green manure with field bean for the production of natural organic substance that favors the recovery of soil balance.
Reduction of water consumption through drip irrigation systems placed in sub-irrigation. Rootstocks with high resistance to water stress to reduce water consumption.
Short pruning of the shoots reducing yields per plant.The use of organic fertilizer resulting from pruning and natural grassing to preserve and improve soil fertility
Exclusive use of eco-compatible substances, such as sulfur, for phytosanitary treatments
Reduction of the number of interventions in the vineyard with the use of diesel powered agricultural machinery, favoring the consumption of bio-diesel.

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


Vascones without propellers equipped with percolated percolation grids vibrating with soft technologies, which avoid friction with skins, stalks and pips. De-stemming with low-speed centrifugal baskets. Soft pressing under nitrogen and with cryo-maceration
Use in fermentation of natural yeast strains from native varieties

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


Producing top quality grapes means being in perfect balance with the ecosystem of which you are a part.
For these reasons the Fazio winery is committed to respecting the rhythms imposed by nature, using natural systems that limit the environmental impact as much as possible.

Casa Vinicola Fazio has developed a restructuring in the cellar inspired by criteria of environmental compatibility, with the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the warehouses.
The built photovoltaic system, with a power of 190.kw, avoids about 120 tons of C02 being released into the atmosphere every year and saves around 50 TOE (Tons of Oil).

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News


The Territoriali DOC Erice are part of the Fazio selection, of these wines we certify the quality by selecting the best lots and adopting cutting-edge winemaking techniques. The strategic objective of the project is to enhance the peculiarities of the local native vines and give them a leading role in the national and international wine scene.

The Reds

The north-west quadrant of the province of Trapani produces rich and concentrated grapes that are expressed at very high levels in a territory that is long sunny but characterized by cool and ventilated climates, generating soft and elegant wines.

The Whites

The peculiar orographic conformation of the province to the north of Trapani, the geological nature of the terrain, the considerable temperature changes, favor the development of white grapes with good acidity characterized by aromas of white flowers and very pleasant citrus notes that give the wines elegance and delicacy.

This 2019, Casa Vinicola Fazio has joined Asia Import News and won a Gold and Silver Medal in this competition:


Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News

Aroma: hints of red berry fruits, accompanied in a balanced way by notes of vanilla, chocolate, licorice and black pepper
Taste: full, velvety and persistent, caressing in the structure for soft tannins. It is recommended to combine it with red meat and game dishes. It goes well with seasoned and spicy cheeses.


Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

Casa Vinicola Fazio - Asia Import News

Elegant reserve of great depth and velvety softness. Produced with Nero d’Avola grapes from the best cru of the Erice Doc, it is aged in Allier-Tronçaise barriques for twenty-four months and one year in the bottle.
Its structure is rich, concentrated, mature and evolved and is characterized by intense and persistent aromas.

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