ILATIUM Morini : The love for country life and the passion for growing grapes thrive in making fine wines that enrich the taste and soul.

In 1992 the Morini family bought a historic farmhouse from the early 1900s surrounded by beautiful vineyards in the heart of the Val di Mezzane. In this quiet area it was decided to build a new building to be used as a wine-making and maturation cellar.

The modern and functional building allows today to make wine up to 3000 qli of wine thanks to the 5 modern fully automatic 150 qli fermenters, which reduce oxidation of the future wine to a minimum.

The approximately 30 wine vessels, of various sizes, all thermally regulated, guarantee an adequate storage of the wine waiting to be bottled. The whole area below, 6 meters deep, is dedicated to the maturation and rest of the wine. The presence of 600 oak barrels from various geographical areas, cradle and accompany this splendid nectar to full maturity.

Ilatium Morini - Asia Import News


ILATIUM is a company that has been modulated over time, acquiring plots of land over the years as it assumed its current characteristics.
Today 40 hectares of land are directly cultivated, divided between the Valpolicella and Soave areas, producing about 6 thousand quintals of DOP grapes.
The vineyards, located in three nearby geographical areas, but with completely different microclimates and soils, provide the possibility of obtain blends with different organoleptic characteristics, with different maturation periods, such as to allow better logistics during the hectic harvest days.

The main vineyards of ILATIUM are:

“La Calle” vineyard 

Vineyard “Sottomonte” 

“Forade” vineyard 

“Ai Progni” vineyard 

Vineyard “Leòn” 

“Mezzane ai Monti” vineyard 

“Grezzana” vineyard 

Oliveto “l’Olivara” 

This 2019, ILATIUM Morini has joined Asia Import News and won 3 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals in this competition:

Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso Campo dei Ciliegi DOC 2016

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Ilatium Morini - Asia Import News

Elegant wine with a ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections. Intense and complex on the nose are perceived notes of ripe fruits, minerals and spices.

Valpolicella Superiore Campo Prognai DOC 2015

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Ilatium Morini - Asia Import News

A clear wine with a garnet red color, intense and complex on the nose, ripe fruits, minerals and spices can be perceived. Dry, warm and soft in the mouth.

Amarone della Valpolicella Campo Leon DOCG 2014

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Ilatium Morini - Asia Import News

It is clear and intense with a vigorous ruby ​​red. Intense and complex, to the nose, we can perceive ethereal notes and ripe red berry fruits, cherry, spicy notes of nutmeg, cocoa, vanilla and black pepper. Warm and soft in the mouth with the presence of elegant tannins. A wine with a refined structure.

Soave ILATIUM DOC 2018

Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

Ilatium Morini - Asia Import News

Fresh and long lasting, with a delicate scent of bitter almond typical of Soave. Accompanies every moment of the day.

Forziello IGT 2013 Red Wine

Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

Ilatium Morini - Asia Import News

Clear wine with a ruby ​​red color. Intense and complex, ripe red berry fruits are perceived on the nose. Dry, warm and quite soft in the mouth. It is elegantly fresh and tannic with a good structure.

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