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Pago De Larrea, S.A. : Passion and dedication in winemaking produces quality and excellence wine

A passion for a job well done, a passion for wine. A passion for La Romañíguez, the vineyard that holds all of the secrets of Caecus, the wine that we produce at Pago de Larrea. A passion for quality, for excellence. A passion for Elciego, the land where our fruit is born. A passion for Rioja, the perfect setting in which to live an exciting dream…

At Pago de Larrea, everything is done as a family. From looking after the vines to making the wine. Above all, it is a question of the care, enthusiasm and tradition shared by each of its members.

Wine is a tradition in the Larrea family, which at the end of the 1960s started to produce its own wine in ‘El Curita’, a small cave that still exists in Elciego. Those were the first steps of Viña Salceda, which years later was to  become one of the most prestigious wineries in La Rioja. Now disassociated from that project, in 2003, they launched Pago de Larrea.

At Pago de Larrea, Luis focuses on quality as the winemaker for his family’s winery.

PAGO DE LARREA S.A. Asia Import News

A functional building dedicated to wine production

Built in 2003, surrounded by vineyards and located barely 500 metres from the town of Elciego, their winery is a functional building that houses the production, bottling and racking areas and the barrel cellar. A small winery that enables an exclusive production.

The barrel cellar can store the roughly 200 barrels required in order to make our oak-aged wines. They use barrels made from French and American oak, which have an average lifespan of five years.

When the grapes reach the optimum level of ripeness, they are picked by hand, an initial selection being made on the vine. In the winery, the destalked grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats. The temperature is strictly controlled in order to conserve the fruity aromas. Once the desired colour and structure have been obtained, the next step is malolactic fermentation in oak barrels. Having undergone racking several times, the young wine is clarified and bottled in the month of March, whilst crianza wines remain in the barrel for another year before they are bottled.

PAGO DE LARREA S.A. Asia Import News

A magnificent vineyard beneath ‘Miralobueno’

The estate is called La Romañíguez and it lies beneath a small mountain called Miralobueno. Popular culture once again plays its part; on this occasion with one of the most prosperous corners of Elciego.

The wine produced at Pago de Larrea is made only from grapes grown on the La Romañíguez single estate, owned exclusively by the Larrea family, and which allows our winery to have total confidence in the supply, in terms of the uniformity and highest quality of the product, the only determining factors being those related to the climatological variants that may occur each year.

The stocks were planted in 1980, in the case of the Tempranillo variety, the signature grape of the Rioja region, occupying 90% of the area. The rest is made up of equal parts of the Grenache variety (above) and an experimental amount of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Recently, Pago De Larrea has joined Asia Import News and won a gold medal in this competition.

8 DE CAECUS 2015

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

PAGO DE LARREA S.A. Asia Import News

8 DE CAECUS is the latest creation of the wines made in Pago De Larrea, a wine that reflects the personality, complexity and varied notes and aromas obtained from excellent quality grapes.

DOCa RIOJA, Rioja Alavesa subzone.

TASTING: Cherry coloured with intense depth, long and aromatic on the nose with hints of ripe black fruit and spicy notes. It is balanced and fruity on the palate, with the typicity and sweetness typical of the tempranillo. The oak ageing adds a light toasted hue and on the palate it is complex and elegant, inviting one to continue tasting it. A wine with personality to accompany Iberian cold meats, foie gras, cured cheeses, oily fish, game and all kinds of red or grilled meats.

Alcohol content : 14%

Variety : Tempranillo 100%

Crianza : 18 months in French and American oak barrels and later maturing in bottle.
Consumption temperature : 17-19ºC

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