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Lenotti: Classic wines from Carda Lake and Verona!

In Italy, the Family Lenotti makes great wines that everyone knows!

Currently, the farm is run by the Lenotti family. Giancarlo (winemaker, production manager and facility manager), Marina (local marketing manager) and their son Claudio (export manager). They export more than 90% of their products. Their wines are successfully sold in the US, Brazil, Ukraine, Thailand and other markets, they also see growth in export markets in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. , United Arab Emirates, Norway, Sweden, Finland and many other countries.



According to an Eonological map of 1906, the name LENOTTI has been known for the production of Bardolino classico in the past. At the time, the farm only sold wine in the form of cigarette butts or peninsulas. In the next few years, until 1968, the farm continued to increase the production of high-quality wines, brewing wine from local grapes, and supplying wine to many nearby filling plants. Since 1968, the farm has been directly bottling and selling wine, with the main goal of providing customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

Sales in the last 40 years have continued to grow, especially in the export market, while the entire production range has been expanding the range and quantity of wine, only in bottles. From 1971 to 2004, the farm and its facilities experienced several expansions. The most important of these was in 2004/2005, when the brewing unit, the aging unit and the bottling line were completely refurbished and modernized.



The Farm Lenotti utilizes the latest wine production techniques to enhance the true character of its wines and provide the highest quality. Their farm has an innovative factory for brewing, protecting and bottling. They also pay special attention to the selection of grapes that are harvested in the classical vineyards and turned into wines. The latest technology, such as controlling low temperature fermentation and aseptic cold filling, is used in every stage of production to maximize the attention of the wine. The result can be defined as “extraordinary” as long as the true quality and longevity are maintained.


As a result, they produce the wines with great quality. In their wines, the oxygen content does not increase at all stages of brewing and bottling. All of this guarantees that their wines will last a long time and retain their original unique characteristics, all the main aromas and complete bouquets.Lenotti4

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