TENUTA COLPAOLA SRL: How they produce excellent wines in Italy?

Colpaola is Located in the small village of Braccano, on the hill behind Mount San Vicino, 650 metres from ASL. This position allows the production of a special type of Verdicchio from Matelica.

How they make great wines which are known by enormous wine lovers?

Let’s dicover their secret.



Since the Matelica Valley is called Camerino Syncline, the only valley in the entire Marche region that is parallel to the ocean, the special features of these features make the Verdicchio of Matelica have these characteristics. This geographical aspect determines the continental microclimate because it is not affected by the airflow from the Adriatic.


Verdicchio is one of the few white wines with a completely local history. In fact, in 1998, grape seeds were found in the tomb of Villa Clara in the Materica region, dating back to the Piceno period in the 8th century BC.
However, the presence of Verdicchio grapes identified in Matelica is later, dating back to the 16th century.

In 1579, the trace of the notarized contract was started in Matelica, and the term “Verdicchio” was first mentioned. It was during this period that the vines played a role in the rural economy and commerce of the region and were no longer exclusive use of clergy. And the nobility, then enters the customs of the community.

In July 1967, Presidential Decree No. 21 recognized Verdicchio di Matelica DOC, the year before his cousin denomination Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC. This is the first wine in the region to open this new page in regional viticulture.

Over time, the awards and honors of this wonderful wine continue. In 2015, it again became the most awarded Italian white wine.



The production philosophy of the company is based on the belief that wine must be the most faithful expression of the territory where it is produced, of the grape and of the passion of those who work there.

One of their well-known wines are Colpaola Verdicchio di Matelica DOC. The vineyard’s high altitude (about 650 meters above sea level) is in contact with the east, combined with specific soil and climatic characteristics, makes this Verdicchio wine from Matricia absolutely fresh, drinkable and longevity. Also the grapes are hand picked and organically grown. Another wine from them is Canovaccio. This wine is Mature, harmonious, elegant, rich, Mediterranean and typical.


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