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Why are bottle labels so important for finding new Distributors?

One of the secrets of the great export successes is the label.
The design, color and name of a wine bottle have a much greater impact on distributors and end customers than we think.
Creating a label that will motivate distributors to buy this wine is an art.

How to know if its label is adequate for distributors ?

The easiest way is to test your label by asking the opinion of importers and distributors of the target country.
For this, it is possible to send emails a little random, and hope for constructive answers.
If not, there are label contests, such as traditional wine competitions, that judge labels only.
As the jury is made up of professional wine buyers (importers and distributors), the results will be very precise.
Currently, the Singapore Labels & Packaging Awards contest organizes this. Click here for more information. (This contest is refunded after the results if you do not get a medal, so no risk to try it).

How to create a label adapted to a market?

Often, the beauty of the label is thought to be important. Yet this is not necessarily true.
Some labels are simple or not very elegant, but the results are interesting because they convey an image of authenticity, or terroir, or a low price (even if it is not the case in truth), etc …
Some colors and some words will be very sellers in some countries and repulsive in other geographical areas.
Same for the vocabulary used.

Who can create a label suitable for a market?

It is important to choose a marketing expert from the target country, and if possible knowing at least the relevant market, and at best working regularly with local distributors.
Local importers and distributors are the ones who know best the tastes of the end customers.
You can contact us if you are looking for contacts from people specializing in the creation of labels, logos and graphic charts for new brands of wine, spirits, beers or any other products in the food & beverage sector.
We will share with you serious contacts according to your country and target market.

We would like to remind you of the contest that is taking place at the moment and which reimburse the participation fees for non awarded products. It is a opportunity to reach new distributors and also interesting to test your labels. Here is the link of the contest:
http://singapore-newspaper.com/singapore-labels-design-awards-2018/ (organized by Singapore Newspaper, Singapore being the country of design par excellence in Asia)


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