How to choose your importer of Olive Oil in Asia?

 Many importers of olive oil

As for wine, many Asians start the importation of olive oil, it is fashion for several years. Most are non-specialist, first-time importers who import one or two brands of olive oil but sell with great difficulty. Their main concern is the purchase price of the oils they always want lower. They are differentiated by the price, but this criterion of differentiation is difficult because there is often an importer of olive oil cheaper. Some importers are more professional and qualitative, they import excellent olive oils. Read more:

The best importers of olive oil in Asia

The best importers are specialized in olive oil, but also often in wines and spirits. These products are complementary. Many Italian olive oil producers, for example, are also producers of excellent wines. The best and most qualitative importer of olive oil is undoubtedly HYP ASIA, who buys and sells olive oil to the best Asian distributors looking for a quality of olive oil out of the ordinary. Another very serious importer of olive oil is Innovative Importers, which imports olive oil for all types of distributors (hat-range restaurants, hotels, specialty stores, etc.)

Specialized olive oil distributors

Asians consume more olive oil each year than the year before, and are more and more connoisseurs. Distributors specialize in increasingly high-end olive oils from around the world. Consumers are looking for more and more the quality of olive oil, and less and less the price. This brings a lot of market entry opportunities for many new olive oil suppliers wanting to export to Asia.

Olive oil is excellent for health, consume without moderation!