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Quartomoro di Sardegna: One Destiny, to Make Great Wines in Sardinia Region

Do you know great wineries in Sardinia, the 3rd largest Italian region?

Let’s discover Quartomoro di Sardegna!

I always remember when I was a child, the September scents and the harvest time in the Arborea winery: a mixture of the aromas of grapes, must and grapes skins. The winepress, the grape grinders, the tanks and the barrels are now part of my lifelong memory. Someone said to me that it was my destiny to work in the wine industry.

Quartomoro, founded in 2007,was originally created as an “experiment garage winery,” and slowly became a place to offer different evolving wine options and unique experimental microbrewing techniques. Their mission is to produce wines that best represent Sardinia as one of the most interesting areas of biodiversity in the entire region. The winery is located in Arborea, in the Oristano area on the west coast of Sardinia, facing the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands.


Sardinian soil is full of commitment to further expansion. The combination of hills and plains, coastal areas and inland areas provides useful terrain and mesoporous climate diversity. To further enhance these benefits, the available soils and bedrocks vary from granite, limestone and sandstone to mineral-rich clay sand free-draining sands and gravels. The island is located between 38 and 41 degrees north latitude, on the southern edge of European grape growing, but due to the cool effects of the Mediterranean Sea, the oceanic climate here is more forgiving than other regions such as Greece and Turkey.

The portfolio of varieties grown on the Sardinian vineyards has little resemblance to that of any other Italian wine region.


Sometimes I mock myself by saying that we produce too many micro vinifications and supervising relation with growers and organising grapes arrival in the cellar during harvest is a lot of work. Just imagine starting to elaborate roughly 20 references with a dozen grapes varietals almost at the same time! We have to schedule everything in advance and take care of the minimum detail.

Quartomoro di Sardegna

This is where ideas become concrete facts. The couple’s cellar is a real place where skill and alchemy are combined. Piero was clear from the beginning, and Luciana’s presence in the wine cellar was designed to maintain the rhythm and correctness of the organization as a whole.


Piero Cella and Luciana Baso are couples sharing love, time and tasks.
Since he was a child, Piero has lived and breathed wine culture. He became a winemaker and loved his daily winemaking work. He is curious and never satisfied with his achievements. He has always been committed to improving himself. Passion and responsibility, field surveys and passion for the wine world: these are the elements that keep him alive. Piero has been the right arm of Giacomo Tachis (1933 – 2016) for many years and is most likely to be the top five Italian winemakers. Think of Tignanello, Solaia and Sassicaia, and you will find Piero’s footprint in these famous, limited and pricey bottles.Piero Cella and Luciana Baso

Luciana worked as a teacher for many years, but at the same time she has always been associated with the wine world because of family traditions. She spent a lot of time with her grandfather who owned a vineyard. After meeting with Piero, she had the opportunity to fully revive her memories of her childhood life spent among vines and wines. The couple has two children.

Also we are proud to mention that they are the medal winner in AIN WINE CHALLENGE 2018! Their wines Orriu Vermentino and Orriu Cannonau won the gold medal, and BVL won the silver medal!

Are you excited to know more about Quartomoro di Sardegna? Don’t hesitate to click HERE for further information!







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