Colferai: A Leading Company for Wine-In-Box ! An Innovation to Solve Your Transport Concerns!


Will your ordered wines break? or is it too costly? or too hard to preserve the wine after opened?

Colferai brings you the solution !

The Colferai Wine Company was among the first companies in Italy and probably in Europe to believe and invest in the Wine Box, from 30 years ago, as the ideal packaging for wine transportation and storage. Identify the most suitable technologies and materials for packaging, the company has achieved important results for this type of product in just a few years, both with regard to the positive feedback of consumers and the number of markets in which they are currently exported. Wine box Colferai, as well as the Italian market.

At Colferai winery, we work according to tradition and innovation to offer our customer quality products that can satisfy even the most discerning palates


After the Colferai Wine Company put boxed wine in the market, the consumers loves it !

The ease of transport and storage makes it easy to purchase different types of wines to be used on different occasions without worrying about storage, thanks to the “vacuum” created at the same time as the twist. The sonsumers immediately rea.lizes that the possibility of pouring wine into the quantities needed for immediate consumption allows you to always have your favorite wine as practically just opened.

Also, the lack of glass solves your problem about breaking bottles duiring the transportation.

We grow our grapes on the hills that lead from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene, producing quality wines by counting on our experience in winemaking and on the passion that moves our job every day


They also offer Prosecco DOC, Bottled wines, and Mulled Wine

In Colferai, Wine In Box is not the only kind you can find.

They also offer Prosecco DOC, Bottled Wines, and Mulled Wines, which are delicated according your customized needs !

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