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Weingut Juliana Wieder – Austrian wines also have some intriguing reds!

Can you guess the grape?

Discover with us who and why are we talking about!



Everything started from the bottom – as ordinary farmers, selling the grapes harvested on their land. However, one changing decision in the 1980ies was to finally create their own wines.

Weingut Juliana Wieder winery, runs as a family business, covers almost 40 hectares of vineyards in and around Neckenmarkt in central Burgenland, the home of Blaufränkisch.

Weingut Juliana Wieder project and winery was built up by Ms. Juliana Wieder and is now managed by Mr. Georg her son, described as a ”a creative and down-to-earth wine maker”.




The winery built up by Juliana Wieder is now managed by her son Georg, a creative and down-to-earth wine maker. Pursuing his ideals diligently and consequently, his wines have advanced to the top of his native Austria.

Working as a team with his sister Burgi, who is responsible for marketing and sales, his wife Gina and Juliana, the whole family is engaged in the creation of this amazing wines.

Our family is dedicated to viticulture with heart, body and soul.

Weingut_Juliana_Wieder_Family by Steve Haider 2017 (6)



Weingut Juliana Wieder take life from more than 40 hectares of vineyards that are cultivated in and around Neckenmarkt, where the soil is very favourable for growing red vines.

Neckenmarkt is located in central Burgenland, the very eastern part of Austria, which is famous for its high number of sun hours throughout the year.

Since quality develops in the vineyards already, the vines have been planted considering not only the perfect compatibility between vine and soil, but also special conditions like microclimates ideal for the growth of each single variety.

When you work in harmony with nature and strict quality controls you ensure you deliver quality and this is exactly what Weingut Juliana Wieder does.

Therefor all grapes are picked by hand. Furthermore, the vinification is done with great respect for both grapes and terroir.

Their wines, but especially the Blaufränkisch, are vinificated depending on their growing area! With this philosophy the deliver some beautiful wines with unique and typically regional character!


We Congratulate them once again for the MEDAL  they won at our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 edition and wish them good luck!



Importers, Distributors and Professional Buyers now is your chance to buy a great range of Austrian wines from Weingut Juliana Wieder.

Contact them here!



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