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What kept them unitedhow they managed to produce such quality wines? Let’s discover in the article bellow



Nicola and Quinto Chionetti

The Chionetti winery was founded in 1912 by Giuseppe Chionetti. For more than 50 years it has been run by the legendary owner Quinto and then by his son Andrea who started exporting the wines abroad and then strenghtened the ties of these wines with the territory.


Sadly Andrea passed away in 1988, after which the winery carried on through the determination of Quinto, followed by the dedication of Andrea’s wife, Maria. Today the winery continues with Nicola, the fifth generation.




In 2014, Unesco recognized as a World Heritage the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato.

In the description, it is said that these landscapes are “an exceptional living testimony of the historical tradition of vine cultivation, of winery processes, of a social and rural environment and economical background that are based on wine culture”.

Chionetti wines are created in Dogliani, in this extraordinary territory of Langhe, in Piedmont.


The Dogliani DOCG, from 100% Dolcetto grapes, is a wine with a great potential and a complex character.

It is a complete wine in which one may find at the same time the austerity of great Piedmont wines and the roundness of a fragrant fruit.

It can age while preserving coolness, scents and colour. Vines are grown in this area since the IV century B.C. by Celtic populations and in the II century B.C. the Romans increased the production.



The Chionetti area of the vineyards is 14 hectares, giving a total production of around 85,000 bottles per year. The Chionetti winery seeks to combine an environmental friendly vine cultivation respecting nature and a careful selection of grapes (by thinning the plants) with a wine making process that takes advantage of the latest technology. Certification vineyards: organi

The cultivation Chionetti  use is “Guyot” and most of the different types of works in our vineyards are carried out by hand.
Chionetti do not use insecticides and systemics as we have chosen organic agriculture.
The grapes are selected, picked by hand, then immediately taken to the winery. There, the grapes are separated from their stems and pressed gently.
The fermentative maceration together with the skins takes place steel or cement tanks, at a controlled temperature of no more than 82-86°F/28-30°C.
Filters are not used and this can cause occasional sediments in the bottle.



The Chionetti  wines reflect the features of our vineyards, their style tells the plants age, the soil it is cultivated from and the vintage.

Therefore The Chionetti  products varies from year to year, however their identity is always the same. On one side the terroir, on the other the elegance that Chionetti has sought for 100 years in wine making


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