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Since 1880 the family DUPRAZ is installed in the Reposoir on the former estate of Hospices de Chambéry. Today the 5th generation (Marc DUPRAZ) and the 6th generation (Jérémy and Maxime DUPRAZ) perpetuate with passion and respect the profession of Vintner.

In 2014, the family reinvested the old cellars of Reposoir to perpetuate the traditions of the Estate.





Domaine DUPRAZ, operates a vineyard of 11 hectares located in SAVOIE on the foothill of the massif of the Chatreuse in Apremont.
Thanks to an altitude between 350 and 450 meters on steep slopes we practice natural grassing.
This environmentally friendly approach can significantly reduce the number of treatments in our vineyards. Moreover the contribution of this vegetation cover is essential for the vine, bringing him food and source of life while preventing soil erosion.

All this expression of the terroir is reflected in our wines by a respect of the grapes during the harvest (manual) as well as the vinification (at least 12 months in concrete vat).

Since 2018, Domaine DUPRAZ engages in organic farming to offer wines as natural as possible with controlled sulfite levels.



At the DOMAINE DUPRAZ the main frame is not to sweeten nor make any external contribution in any form. To complete this line of conduct, the Dupraz domain invests in state-of-the-art equipment that respects an environmental commitment adopted since its creation.


Le Moulin domainedupraz_le_moulin

DOMAINE DUPRAZ Savoy wine of aperitif, agrees very well with a plate of charcuterie / cheese or some sandwiches types tapas.
Try it with cheese-based specialty you will love.
Serve this Apremont at a temperature between 12 and 16 ° C
Wine can be kept 8 years.
Natural wine made from a grape variety Jacquere vinified without FM.



domainedupraz_terres_blanchesLes Terres Blanches

DOMAINE DUPRAZ well-structured Savoie wine with a balanced structure matching with your white meats and cheeses
In view of its youth this Apremont must be carrafé to exalt all its originality and served at a temperature between 11 and 13 ° C
Apremont from the Jaquère grape and a manual harvest harvested at advanced maturity, long fermentation without added yeasts.






DOMAINE DUPRAZ spicy natural red wine with strong, flowing red fruits, perfect with red meat or fish.
Serve in a carafe 1 hour before tasting, temperature 18 ° C
Conservation up to 10 years.
Natural wine from the Mondeuse grape variety with high potential of evolution, do not hesitate to keep 4 years.


domainedupraz_plantee_des_comtesPlantée des Comtes – Altesse


This DOMAINE DUPRAZ Rousette de Savoie goes well with all your dishes and especially asparagus
Serve at a temperature between 10 and 13 ° C
Wine vinified for 12 months before bottling
Harvest hand and great care during the breeding of this Rousette de Savoie.
Wine of guard with a very interesting evolution beyond 5 years.



DOMAINE DUPRAZ presents as you can see a nice range of character wines from the Jacquère, Altesse and Mondeuse grape varieties, Domaine Dupraz harvests and vinifies so-called natural and organic wines.

AIN wine challege

We are proud to have DOMAINE DUPRAZ as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

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