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Tacchino – A secret past from generation to generation!


Where is passion there will always be success!

 But do you know what’s the key to their great wines?

Tacchino Wines



Tacchino winery has been producing wine for more than three generations. The estate is located in Piedmont among the beautiful hills of Monferrato area, in a fabulous position to grow its white wines, Gavi D.O.C.G and Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G.., and its reds,  Dolcetto d’Ovada D.O.C.G. and Barbera del Monferrato D.O.C..



Tacchino family has been producing wines for three generations and achieved a solid experience over the years marked by a genuine passion. Luigi and his wife Renata, oversee the vineyards, while their two grown-up children, Romina and Alessio, take care of the cellar, chose the best grapes and process them into top-quality wines. All procedures follow a long tradition and the most modern technology.


Mario Ronco´s over 40 years experience in making wines and for sure one of the most prestigious Italian wine makers has been attending Luigi and his Family efforts.  Alberto Pansecchi, an agronomist, specialized in growing vines, oversees the choices from plantation of the vineyards to the harvest of the grapes.





Monferrato has always been a great wine country, where the vineyards cover like a cloak , the hills which dominate the countryside

Tacchino Estate spreads on area of 25 hectares. Half of this area is cultivated with different grapevines varieties. The sun exposure is south/south–east, the altitude about 300 mt above the sea level, while the “white soil” and natural environment provide the necessary shelter against the winds from North. Thanks to a limited production of grapes per hectare, the quality of the wines reach the excellence.





Tacchino – Linea Tralci:  young wines, no oak…. Easy to drink, but not too easy…wine for every day and every time but not common wines.

They have on the label the name of the grapes; Tacchino decided not to give to these wines a own name, they want to focus the attention of the customers on the appellation. They think that if a customer look for a Barbera or a Gavi on the self,  it’s easier for him to choose a wine with only the appellation of the grape.




In the Tacchino Linea Selezione: the story is different, here every wine has its own name: Du Riva, Di Fatto, Albarola more the appellation Dolcetto di Ovada Superiore DOCG etc., Barbera del Monferrato DOC and Monferrato DOC Rosso.

This is a precise choice from Tacchino, they want that the people remember the own name of the wine before the appellation.


Tacchino Linea Selezione is a line of wines dedicated to wine lovers, to good plates, for Tacchino they are not wines for every day, but more “important” wines.





Stories about Linea Selezioni wines:

Albarola is the name of our vineyards area. Albarola vineyards where property of my father family before the 2nd World War, then after the War my grandmother (from my father) was widowed with 3 young children and she had to sell the vineyards for giving food to her children. When my father had enough money, he immediately bought back them. For this reason we decided to call our selection of barbera, Albarola. Just to remember my father efforts. This wine has the same strength and character like my father. Albarola is a “hard worker” as my father is.


Du Riva is the nick name of my grandfather Carletto, this is his name, Carletto is my mother’s father and he helped my family from the beginning. He is our history, he is the backbone of our family, he is everything for us, in particular for me. When we decided to try to produce a great Dolcetto he told  me : “ listen me, please use this particular clone of Dolcetto only from this clone you can have  a great and  long-term wine “ of course I listened his advice and now, you know, our Du Riva is the first Dolcetto d’Ovada which is arrived to the Tre Bicchieri award.


Di Fatto: It’s a blend between 4 different wines (every wine is vinified and aged separately. At the end of the aging we make the blend) Barbera Dolcetto cabernet Sauvignon and Albarossa.  Albarossa is a cross between Nebbiolo and Barbera. It was born at the beginning of the last century from a teacher of the University of Tourin. In the 1999 the Government permitted to us to put Albarossa in our vineyards and we decided to spend some efforts to this project and now we are very satisfied. The name Di Fatto means “ Really” it means we want to arrive to a real blend from Piedmont. You know in Piemonte the people prefers to produce wines only from a grape, we’d like to produce a great blend in Monferrato too.




Moscato d’Asti: Moscato is the most famous aromatic grape in Piedmont . This grape gives to us a fresh, fruity, aromatic, dessert wine.

Our Moscato has a butterfly on the labels and as a butterfly it’s very graceful , it’s sweet but not too much, the freshness and the acidity are well balanced with the sweetness. So this wine is a perfect glass for the end of the lunch or the dinner, it can be a perfect match with dessert or with fruits. Some time it seems a digestive. Enjoy Moscato!!!



AIN wine challege

A great history and some amazing wines – this is TACCHINO.

We are proud to have TACCHINO as winners on our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition! We congratulate them once again and wish them good luck!

Importers, Distributors and Professional Buyers, we invite you to try and buy these great quality Italian wines!



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