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NAVIANTE – Outstanding & original products!

Genuine and phenomenal Italian wines!

What makes Naviante wines so special? Let’s discover together!


Come closer and you will realise that those flavours speak of you, that those tastes and scents belong to you and will be your discreet friends where and when necessary.


Naviante is a family-run business that has started to work with restaurant owners as time went by: it has started to supply them with great quality wines, personalising their labels and trying to transfer to them the most sincere good that Naviante possesses: its passion!

Naviante Winery


Rocco Fia’s enterprise is situated in the Langhe area, earthly paradise of the Cuneo Province, that clinched a place among the Unesco World Heritage treasures.
The Langhe hills are unique in the world for their beauty and they are one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Italy. The ruler of this area is the wine, which marks the rhythms of colours, of work and passion.

Shortly before the autumn we celebrate its feast, the Langhe hills are inebriated by a kaleidoscope of colours and they get different hues, depending on the reflection of the sun: this is one of the most enchanting views that nature offers in this area. Here the river Tanaro draws a curve and makes a dry luxuriant isle. The river seems to give a precise message to man, as it turns away and doesn’t touch Naviante. The family Fia caught this message at the end of the 19th century, when Maurizio Fia bought his first vineyards.
Yet it took about 70 years before the farm specialised in the wine making field, because before that time wine making was still a secondary activity.

The dream, or maybe the destiny of three generations became true on these hills, where quality was born together with wine: in fact in 1979 the 23 year-old oenologist Rocco Fia decided to create his own wine business.



The choice of color originates from the unusual configuration of this hilly portion of the Langhe that the river Tanaro , in its descent towards the Po Valley, laps and embraces, giving the hill the characteristic of being “almost” insular .

And that’s how  Naviante  in the imaginary takes the look of a solitary, immobile sailor in the paradise of the Langhe.




Naviante wines are the synthesis of the territory and of the history from which our grapes come.
By uncorking one of our bottles you will discover a world of flavors, aromas and emotions.
Each wine has its own personality and each label, with its own color, expresses its singular characteristics.




Every year the company produces wines of excellent quality, trying to put down the most sincere good it has: passion.

The various stages of winemaking, starting from the choice of the grapes arriving to the finished product, are carefully followed by Enologa Flaviana Fia.

They believe that in the cellar the only rule is to do well what you love, that is, your work.


Time  does not count, the hardships never count. 
Only the satisfaction of making quality products counts.


Over time, the Naviante winery has equipped itself with the most modern winemaking technologies, always remaining technologically avant-garde, but without ever neglecting the ancient wine-making traditions!

AIN wine challege

We are glad to name them out winners of AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition and wish them good luck!

Importers, Distributors and Profesional Buyers, this is your chance to get in touch with an amazing range of Italian wines – ready to be Imported in Asia.

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