SARTOTI DI VERONA – A story in progress!

A journey full of stories, characters, opportunities and choices!

But what makes them different from others? Let’s discover together.



Today Sartori is a successful company with an international vocation, which makes over 80% of its turnover in over 50 countries: throughout Europe, North and South America, Russia, South East SARTORIDIVERONA_FIGHTFORVERONAsia. That motto “of Verona” and the proud presence of Cangrande della Scala that stand out on the logo, certify the deep and indissoluble link with the places, the history, the beauty and the elegance of one of the most visited cities in the world.

Sartori, as they like to say in the company, has always fought for Verona, working exclusively on classic Veronese wines: Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino, Bardolino Chiaretto, reinterpreted in an elegant and personalized way, to adapt them to the taste of consumers in the four corners of the world, thanks to dedicated oenological courses and, above all, with the work done up by master blenders and an international team of oenologists.

Behind such a wide and “solid” range like SARTORI DI VERONA, there are continuous updates in the management of the vineyards, in the plants and in the production methods. Then there are the quality certifications that examine each micro-segment of the path and reflect a truly exemplary care, dedication and preparation.




If today there is not much more to be invented in terms of wine, the company’s programs are still quite ambitious.

Always in the bio field, Sartori is also a pioneer in Abruzzo, a land with a viticultural potential so important, as little exploited, both in terms of production and image, of territorial marketing.

The company has, in 2003, signed an agreement with the Cerulli Spinozzi estate, with the aim of restoring momentum and value to the 53 hectares of autochthonous vines from which are produced historic and precious wines of Southern Italy such as Montepulciano d’Italia. Abruzzo, the Colline Teramane DOCG or the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, labels that constitute a heritage of inestimable value for the culture and identity of those places.



By SARTORIDIVERONA_INTOTHEFUTUREnature, the Sartori are not interested in the quirks that increasingly attract the attention of producers and consumers. Andrea, Luca, Paolo and the members of Colognola prefer to remain faithful to that sober, elegant and timeless style that more than anything else represents them.

This is the true “innovation” of Sartori: the ability to adapt wines to their own way of being, without giving in to ephemeral fashions that cyclically invest, like violent atmospheric perturbations, the sky of the wine scene.

But above all it is the satisfaction of getting in touch with the beloved nature of the Verona area to produce with conscience and respect something unique that can be shared with the people and places that love each other.


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We are proud to have them as winners and we wish them good luck in all the projects!

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