This company’s philosophy is to produce a line of wines that expresses the territory, and the ancient local tradition!

Did they succeed or not?

Rossovermiglio Wines


A family history made of people, ideas, and a lot of passion.



A family history made of people, ideas, and a lot of passion. Rossovermiglio originates from a centuries-old family tradition of winemakers in Paduli, in Samnite territory. Already in the distant 1800 the Verlingieri family produced quality red grapes and wines, which were successfully sold in the cellar located in the heart of the old Paduli.




Rossovermiglio knows that conoscere their vineyards, and take care with the utmost dedication, this is the philosophy behind the production of Rossovermiglio wines. It is no coincidence that an ancient popular saying states that good wine is born in the vineyard. Having a quality raw material, however, is only the beginning.

Rossovermiglio winery is equipped with all the most modern equipment, and allows them to vinify with strict processing methods the grapes carefully picked and selected.



A territory, the Sannio Benevento, with an extraordinary and thousand-year-old wine vocation, some of the best native vines of Campania , and a family of winemakers with a passion for vineyards and wines of the territory. These are the basic ingredients of the quality wine production of the Rossovermiglio brand of the Verlingieri family.

Rossovermiglio owns 18 hectares of vineyards divided into various plots located to the left and right of the ancient Via Traiana , in the province of Benevento. Native white grape varieties are cultivated, such as Falanghina, Fiano, and Greco, except for an area of ​​Aglianico which is partly vinified in white.



Piero and Maria Teresa Verlingieri, husband and wife, are the true guardians of the long family winery tradition. For them, producing quality wine still means to follow a strict discipline in the vineyard as in the cellar, in full respect of local tradition, and the enhancement of the territory. All the wines produced are therefore the result of a simple but effective company philosophy.


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We congratulate Rossovermiglio winery for theyr results in our AIN Wine Challenge 2018 Competition and wish them good luck!



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