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10 DIY – Wine Bottles for Christmas

Christmas is almost here but you still have time to craft some beautiful decorations!

 If you drink wine, then you’ve got something to do with all those empty bottles.   If you don’t drink it, you can find empty wine bottles.

Now, we’re going to look at some amazing ways to transform those wine bottles into these festively easy Christmas craft and decorating ideas.

1 The Grinch Bottles

Turn those empty wine bottles into whimsical renditions of your favorite Grinch characters. They’re really easy to recreate and fun for the kids.

2 The Twined and Painted Bottles

These lovely white bottles have twine at the tops to give them a bit of a rustic look. You can paint them white and then add red decorations or lettering to create your own holiday message. Fill them with sprigs of white and red berries to really finish off the look.

3 The Dressed Up Bottles

We present you this little scarves and hats which are perfect for decorating wine bottles. Of course you can paint your bottles first if you want, but is not mandatory. This is a great way to decorate darker bottles. With just a hat and scarf they’re ready to face the winter.

4 The Wine Tree Bottles

This tree is sure to be a great conversation starter at your holiday parties. You can try different styles – depending on how much of a drinker you are! :))

5 The Snowmen Bottles

These adorable snowmen bottles will put a smile on everyone’s face. Kids will adore them and they will be so easy and fun to create. You can use your imagination and try different models.

6 The Santa Bottles

Now let’s challenge you a little and see how Santa will look on your bottles.

7 The Candy Cane Bottles

With a fancy touch of glitter <3. You could use flat paint if you prefer to make them look a bit more traditional or just add some glitter to give them a touch of elegance.

8 The Multi-Colored Bottle Lamps

For this you only need some multi-colored Christmas lights and some clear or frosted wine bottles. Just put the lights in the bottle, and maybe tie on a red ribbon. That’s all and you will have some stunning Christmas Lamps.

9 The Santa’s Coat Bottle

Much more easy compared to Santa’s Bottles and really cute also. Paint the bottles red and dress them up like Santa’s coat. Use your imagination and complete the look as you like.

10 The Message on the Bottles

You just paint them in whatever color you want and then choose your message, which you add with cut out lettering.

Cover them in full glitter if you like and just enjoy the Christmas spirit.



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