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Indulge in the Flavors of Italy: Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia’s Wine Collection

In the dynamic world of the Asia wines and beverages market, where discerning consumers seek exceptional products, Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia stands out as a symbol of excellence. This article highlights the remarkable achievements of Santa Lucia, including their recent Gold Medal Award at the Asia Awards 2023 for their outstanding Il Melograno Nero di Troia Castel del Monte DOC 2020. With their steadfast commitment to quality and a distinct winemaking philosophy, Santa Lucia has carved a niche for themselves in the market. Join us as we delve into the vineyards, production methods, and the exceptional wine that has garnered them such accolades.

Located in the picturesque region of Corato, Italy, Santa Lucia winery has been dedicated to crafting exceptional wines since its inception. The winery exclusively produces wines sourced from its own predominantly indigenous vineyards, encompassing Melograno, Santa Lucia, Tufaroli, and Castigliola, spanning just under 37 acres. Surrounding these vineyards are lush Coratina olive groves, yielding Extra Virgin olive oil with a fruity and naturally spicy flavor. Notably, Santa Lucia firmly upholds their commitment to authenticity by refraining from purchasing grapes or wine from third-party suppliers or growers.

At the heart of Santa Lucia’s winemaking philosophy lies a meticulous approach that results in wines of unparalleled quality. The journey begins with careful soil preparation, followed by a meticulous selection, reproduction, and planting of the best clones using a bio-dynamic approach. Santa Lucia takes pride in utilizing French oak barrels sourced from Allier and Tronais, and they prioritize the elimination of stabilization and filtration practices. These choices allow their wines to be the ultimate expression of artisan tradition, reflecting the unique qualities of their territory. The result is a portfolio of wines that are truly emblematic, recognizable, and well-structured, with a mature and fruity taste.

The Il Melograno Nero di Troia Castel del Monte DOC 2020 stands as a shining example of Santa Lucia’s winemaking prowess. This soft, rich, and velvety wine captivates the senses with its deep purple color and heady aroma. On the palate, it offers a tantalizing array of flavors, including black cherry, woodland berries, and purple plum, beautifully complemented by ripe tannins and a delicate oak influence. The 2011 Santa Lucia Castel del Monte Nero di Troia epitomizes a balanced and savory red wine, suitable for a wide range of occasions. For optimal enjoyment, it is recommended to allow the wine to breathe for 15-20 minutes before serving at a cool room temperature (no more than 65°F).

Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia’s remarkable success in the Asia Awards 2023, with their Gold Medal-winning Il Melograno Nero di Troia Castel del Monte DOC 2020, showcases their unwavering dedication to producing exceptional wines. With their focus on individuality and respect for their terroir, Santa Lucia has crafted a portfolio of wines that epitomize the art of winemaking. Importers and distributors in Singapore and across the Asia market are encouraged to discover the treasures offered by Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia. By introducing these distinctive wines to discerning consumers, they can elevate the wine and beverage experience to new heights, capturing the essence of Italian winemaking excellence.

To learn more about Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia and explore their exquisite wines, you can visit their official website at https://vinisantalucia.com/.


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