From Vine to Bottle: The Passionate Story of NAJMA’s Award-Winning Wines

NAJMA, a family-run winery located in the province of Pordenone in Italy, has recently been recognized for their outstanding products. They have won 3 Gold Medal Awards in the ASIA Awards 2023 for their NAYMA Prosecco DOC Extra DRY, Spumante Rosé, and NAYMA Millesimato DOC 2021. This recognition is a testament to the passion and dedication that the company has for producing high-quality wines with a strong personality.

The Elisabetta Cichellero farm, where NAJMA is based, has a rich family tradition that spans over 200 years. They have always taken great care of their vineyards with passion and love, ensuring that their vines grow healthy and produce high-quality grapes. The company owes its history to the passionate work of a family of timber merchants and landowners who have been active in northeastern Italy since the 15th century. They invested in various lands and real estate properties in the plain between Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto to facilitate the transport of timber from the forests of Cadore to the lagoon of the ancient maritime republic of Venice.

Since the last century, the property has dedicated itself not only to arable land but also to the care of several hectares of vineyards with the typical varieties of the Friuli-grave appellation. The company produces renowned wines such as Refosco from the Peduncolo Rosso, the well-known typical Merlot, and the fresh sparkling verduzzo. With a total renewal of the vineyards, the company has gained new momentum by combining the knowledge acquired from the previous generation with the most advanced vine growing techniques and particular care for work in the vineyard. They aim to put the well-being of the plants and correct soil management at the center of their attention.

The breeding methods used in the vineyard are Guyot and Sylvoz, with pruning techniques that adopt the most recent scientific knowledge. NAJMA aims to achieve maximum protection of the health and duration of their vines, ensuring the pleasure of those who taste their wines. The symbol of the stone pine presented on each bottle highlights the highest respect of the family for the rich fertility of the surroundings, as officially recognized also by the Italian Certificate of Sustainability (SQNPI) obtained in recognition of the integrated pest management viticultural techniques adopted and for the respect for the environment shown.

In conclusion, NAJMA is a family-run winery that produces outstanding wines with a strong personality. The company has won 3 Gold Medal Awards in the ASIA Awards 2023 for their NAYMA Prosecco DOC Extra DRY, Spumante Rosé, and NAYMA Millesimato DOC 2021, highlighting their dedication and passion for producing high-quality wines. Their long family tradition and use of the most advanced vine growing techniques ensure that their wines are of the highest quality, providing pleasure to those who taste them.

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