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How UpDistry.com simplifies the process of finding new distributors

UpDistry.com is all the rage these days among wine, beer and spirits producers… this article explains how it works:

UpDistry offers the possibility to outsource the most laborious part of the search for new distributor customers: the initial phase. 

Sure, there are trade shows or many possible methods to find distributors, but they are all: expensive, complex, inconsistent and time consuming. 

UpDistry offers a service that is more efficient, less expensive, fully autonomous and guarantees a daily regularity of prospecting: every day, all year round. 

In addition to this, each client is treated individually at UpDistry: the service is the same as that provided by a specialized and highly qualified employee within the company. 

How does it work?

Registration is very simple and without obligation: in one click UpDistry searches for distributors for you in a highly professional manner in the desired geographical area. 

The search is done by humans, only for you: you decide the number of potential customers to contact each month, and you indicate the information about your products (name, price range, etc…)

As UpDistry works for several clients, their database of potential buyers is refined every day and they generally target potential customers better than producers. 

As soon as a company is interested in your products, UpDistry sends you an instant message with the profile of the contact and his possible questions (price, quantity, sample request, vision appointment request, other)

In addition to this, at the end of each month you receive the complete list of potential customers who have been contacted and notes. This list is updated all the time, all year long, allowing you to have a total visibility on the work of UpDistry. 

What is the price? 

The price depends on the plan you choose (monthly or yearly plans) and the amount of new leads they contact for you each month. After that they continue to follow up on old contacts without time limit, as long as you keep a plan with them. You can find the price of their plans on their official website.

Why is UpDistry so fashionable?

Because there are lots of similar solutions, but they are never completely individualised or consistent with full transparency. 

UpDistry offers a more efficient job than a full time employee since their database is enriched daily by working for several producers at the same time, and cheaper since for the cost of a trade show (travel and accommodation included) they reach hundreds of potential professional buyers with a professional follow-up and above all that takes no time at all for the producer. 

Where to find them? 

For more information, visit their official website at updistry.com


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