Jammertal Wine Estate : Producer of world-class wines

Jammertal Wine Estate began construction in 2001. They have developed into one of Central Europe’s most important red wine making workshops. The two fully-equipped, closely-knit wineries produce internationally recognized products. The exceptional grape materials for processing come from our 75-hectare and decade-old suppliers’ 25 hectares.

Jammertal Wine Estate focuses on processing vast amounts of high-quality red wine. It’s rare for a producer to take such great chances by waiting for the right time to harvest the grape, as they do. The quality of the harvest determines the quality of the wine. They are adamant about using the best blue grape available. Consider how a few rainy days could obliterate a year’s worth of work on 75 hectares of vineyards. It’s an all-or-nothing policy that entails substantial financial risks but may result in world-class big red wines.

Jammertal Wine Estate viticulture works are led by Zsolt Nagy. The chief winemaker, Zsófia Kövesdi, has significant international red wine making experience.

Jammertal Wine Estate brands developed over the years:

  • Kohinoor
  • Cassiopeia
  • Jammertal
  • Wunderlich

This 2021, Jammertal Wine Estate has joined Asia Awards 2021 and won a GOLD and SILVER Medal awards in this prestigious competition:

Koh-I-Noor Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

The big vintage of 2012 almost forced us to put together an exceptional cuvée. A long selection and tasting process preceded its compilation. We tried to create the quintessence of what the Villány terroir can give in big red. We omit the description of the wine, instead talk about the choice of name. The Koh – I – Noor diamond is 105.6 carats, and we found this item worthy of it.

Cassiopeia Franc 2012

Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

In 2012, due to the drier vintage, we harvested a very concentrated cabernet franc that required longer maturation. Accordingly, in this wonderful lot, dark chocolate and smoky aromas dominate in addition to the prune notes so characteristic of the variety. Its expressive but silky rounded tannins, together with the acid backbone, give a perfect hold and a long finish to our special red wine.

Considering both its international judgment and its comparison with top quality francs made in other parts of the world, it is one of the best cabernet franc in the world today. It shows beautifully the mature, great-banged, gloomy plum jam aroma, which is added to the merlot sediment background added by a few percent. Although it is made of perfectly ripe grapes, it has no trace of cravings or overripe, unpleasant jam. Characteristic, masculine but not acid or tannin-weighted wine. Its greatness is that it is all in its place. From cold appetizers to heavy meat dishes, everything can be paired with, but with long conversations, he is also an impatient companion. “

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