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Casa Arcaute S.A. de C.V. : Mezcals are made with 100% Agave

SA Casa Arcaute. De CV is a company dedicated to the production and national and international promotion of various brands of mezcal. Today, our passion and commitment led us to create a brand: MAREMOTO ® that emerged as the first brand to represent our royalty emblems. The brand represents the lineage in our selection of the different magueys that bring together the pure wealth of the States of Oaxaca and Durango. Casa Arcaute is a generational impulse that brings together a family to present high-quality and noble products that are reflected in the great “real” effort of the flavors of Mexico trying to evolve in a maturation and consolidation of our products worldwide.

Casa Arcaute S.A. de C.V. brands are:

Mezcal Artisanal MAREMOTO, Mezcal Artisanal VORTICE, Mezcal Artisanal TERRESTRE, Mezcal Artisanal INCANDESCENTE. These brands, it can oscillate between 40% and 55% Alcohol by volume with differents meassure in bottles: 200ML. 250ML. 500ML. 700ML. 750ML. and 3 Liters.

Casa Arcaute S.A. de C.V. mezcals are made with 100% Agave Espadin (Angustifolia Haw) and also have some assemble with more varieties of agave.

Maremoto (Water) is based on a product vision of clean and clear colors that perfectly symbolize a sense of elevation and spirituality of our premium quality using a symbol of purity and value that enhances our product.The MAREMOTO brand is certified by the government of Mexico within the Mezcal Quality Regulatory Council and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA), following strict product quality controls.

MAREMOTO (Water) starts with the premise of a mezcal whose clean and clear colors perfectly simulate the sensation of spiritual elevation, as emulated via our Premium quality craftsmanship: a symbol of the purity and courage embedded in our product.

Very recently, Casa Arcaute S.A. de C.V. has joined Asia Awards 2021 and won gold and silver medal in this prestigious competition:

Mezcal Artesanal Maremoto (Espadín)

Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Mezcal Artesanal Maremoto (Tobalá Espadín y Bicuishe)

Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

For more information about Casa Arcaute S.A. de C.V. please CLICK HERE:


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