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Tenuta Lonetti : A Lifelong Passion for Winemaking

For almost a century the Lonetti family has always been committed to the  cultivation of vines and olive trees, from grandfather Antonino to father  Giuseppe. However, it was through the launch of Melissa Natura that Gaetano Lonetti took over the company management in 2002.

Lonetti farm’s purpose is to give due recognition to the products of the country, a country kissed by the sun because of its location to the east, where the mountains sweet colors are imbued with the scents of the nearby sea, in a combination that makes these lands “Giachetta” the perfect place to enjoy nature and the products of its soil.

Battito, Pythia and Terre di Giachetta are born from the heart of the Lonetti farm.

The desire to carry on the Melissa DOP, Battito and Pythia, respectively Rosso and Bianco, comes from the deep love of the Lonetti family with their land. The farm is located in the hills, opposite the town of Melissa, with the ruins of its Castle which belonged to Count Francesco Campitelli in the 17th century. and the beauty of its historic center, where the air you breathe is that of a typical feudal village.

Tenuta Lonetti represents the natural landing place for a family, which after almost a century of history, has lived and lives their land with boundless passion and infinite love.

In this splendid context, on an area of ​​five hectares, Gaetano Lonetti, after careful studies on the diversity of the land, has started the diversification of the company’s productions. Among the projects, the fig grove , the flagship of the company, and an experimental field of white-flowered oregano, typical of our lands of wild nature but with great aromas and medicinal properties, should be highlighted . The fig grove covers an area of ​​one hectare with a planting sixth of five by six and about 250 plants, all white dotted quality.

Tenuta Lonetti farm has also started the restructuring of the vineyards , through grubbing up and replanting. It was thus possible to maintain the same grape varieties by replanting the same graft holders: the “17/37 ″ has always been the only graft holder suitable for this type of soil, resistant to drought obtained by Millardet and De Grosset . This type of graft holder maintains a good resistance to dryness, chlorosis, compactness and superficiality of the soil, with an excellent achievement of the sugar level.

The qualities are present gaglioppo , the greek black , the white greek for white grapes and other minor not for quality but for quantity such as raisins and malvasia .

The project as regards the vineyards is to create a good red wine with DOC Melissa Denomination of Controlled Origin and a passito to combine with the tasting of figs.

To widen their spectrum , Tenuta Lonetti has joined the Asia Wines Awards 2020 by Asia Import News and won two Gold Medal Awards. It only proves their commitment to quality.


Awarded Gold by Asia Import News

Grape variety: greco bianco 80 % , trebbiano toscano 10 % , malvasia 10 % Type of soil: fertile soil tending to sands.Yeld per hectare: 10 – 12 t/ha (tons). Production area: Calabria – Crotone’s ionic coast/Alcohol content: 12 % vol.

Vinifications : Soft pressing and fermentation at steel vats at controled temperature aging in steel for months.

Organoleptic analysis of wine Colour: straw-yellow colour. Odor profile: persistent and vinous with fruits and wild flowers hint. Flavor: harmonious, balanced and rotundity flavors. Food coupling Fish and courses of mediterranean tradition, main course of land snails.


Awarded Silver by Asia Import News

Grape variety: gaglioppo 85 % , greco nero 15%. Type of soil: calcareous. Yeld per hectare: 08- 10 t/ha (tons). Production area: Calabria – Crotone’s ionic coast. Alcohol content: 13 % vol.

Vinifications : After a traditional harvest in surmaturation, the grapes are crashed, pressed and they came macereted for 8-10 days. The must is placed to ferment, with the aid of ferments, at vats at a controled temperature of 24-28°C.

Organoleptic analysis of wine Colour: red ruby pomegranate tending to orange. Odor profile: spicy, light, characteristic. Flavor: dry, tannic savoury well balanced.

Food coupling : Very good with first courses of meats, truffles of Calabria, aged cheese.

Interview of Mr. Lonetti GaetanoOwner of the Company

Role in the company (owner/director/communication manager/other): 

Question 1: Do you already export to Asia ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in Asia ?

We have already had the opportunity to export to Asia and specifically to China in the city of Yuyao which is part of the Zhejiang region.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

we are looking for distributors for the best catering.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

Our products differ from other competitive products because our vineyards are cultivated in the hills, and above all kissed by the sun, an essential element for a quality product.

Our attention for the development of our company and our Export is to participate in the main trade fairs in the world of wine, also offering different products aimed at nightlife and above all youth, with the production, in addition to the award-winning wines, of two wines sparkling wines, one white and one rosé, which today enjoy the great attraction that bubbles have.

Thank you Mr. Lonetti Gaetano for your time and answers !

For more information about Tenuta Lonetti visit their website HERE:


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