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Diemersfontein : Iconic Estate in Wellington, Home of the world-class range of wines

For three generations the Sonnenberg family have been creating Diemersfontein moments on this iconic estate in Wellington.

What started as a family retreat, is today the home of the world-class Diemersfontein range of wines, countryside hospitality, backed by a story of upliftment and empowerment.

Renewal, Revitalisation and Re-creation – a philosophy the team at Diemersfontein lives by. Despite the fact that Diemersfontein are innovators of Pinotage, they also outperform with their other varietals, especially Malbec and Chenin Blanc.

BBBEE has flowed naturally from owner David Sonnenberg’s wish to leave a sustainable legacy while making a discernible difference in the lives of his employees. This wish inspired the establishment of Thokozani, a company and wine brand owned and managed by the Diemersfontein staff.

Wine and business are not the only passions pursued and uplifted at Diemersfontein.  The family’s association and enthusiasm for the arts started with the delightful strains of opera singing that would drift up from the cottages housing Italian prisoners during the second world war. The love for music continues still, with numerous projects to support upcoming music talent that expands to a delightful choir consisting of a group of talented Diemersfontein employees.

This 2020, Diemersfontein has joined Asia Import News Wine & Spirits Awards 2020 and won a gold medal in this prestigious competition:

Diemersfontein Pinotage 2018

Grapes were sourced from six farms in Wellington area, each farm with its own terroir, bringing something unique to the blend.

Cold soaking for 12 hours. Inoculation with yeast. Aerated pump overs every 3 hours for 25 minutes to extract sufficient colour, tannin and aroma. Pressed at 2,5° B and completed alcoholic fermentation on French oak inserstave. Malolactic fermentation was completed on the primary lease and staves. Racked after malolactic fermentation and put back on oak staves for 6 months. Bottled beginning of September.


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